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I haven’t been getting much reading done lately, with all the birthday and Christmas and family celebrations.  I’m still working through Parables and The Things of Earth.  I’m itching for a good fiction, though.  I have a list waiting, just need to force myself to finish up what I’m reading before I move onto something else.  James Herriot’s Treasury for Children was one of the kids’ Christmas gifts and we started on it today.  They seemed to really love it, as I figured they would.  They love anything having to do with animals + farm life, and so do I, really.

Noah’s first sock is done and I’m part way through the gusset of sock 2.  I hope to have it done by tomorrow.  He seems more excited about these than Phoebe did, so I’m hoping he likes them!  She told me after I gave her hers for Christmas that she wanted red, not pink, and that they were too hot and poke-y.  Ahh!  But when I told her I’d just hand them down to her sister, she seemed suddenly quite attached to them.

Either way, I enjoyed making them. 🙂

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yarn along

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So I’ve begun on Noah’s first Christmas sock, most likely won’t be done by Christmas but still plugging away at it.  I also burned the midnight oil last night trying furiously to finish these two knitted projects for Phoebe’s birthday (today), a scarf with this super soft purple yarn that she picked out and a knitted bonnet hat to match her sister’s.  She was SO excited and happy when she opened it and told me it was “just what she wanted,” which can only make every moment of sleep-deprivation worth while for this momma.  I just made up the pattern for the scarf, stockinette stitch with a seed stitch border and tassels.  It still rolls on the sides, but oh well.  She likes it! 🙂

I’m reading this new release by John MacArthur, Parables, and absolutely loving it.  I’ve been studying the Gospels all year long and so I was immediately drawn to this as I have been loving meditating on the parables of Jesus in the Gospels.  It is fascinating so far!

Here is the birthday scarf + hat:


Can I just say, I love knitting?!

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So I FINISHED my very first sock!  I’m super proud and stoked.  I have learned a lot of new things while working on this one, and I’m pretty hooked on knitting.  I started the matching sock for it last night.  I am pretty eager and ancy to get these done before Christmas and I’m feeling like at this rate I will most certainly not get everyone’s finished!  😦  Phoebe has seen me working on these, she sort of thinks they are for her but I haven’t said anything directly.  Even this morning, Noah saw me taking these pictures and he was excited to see the finished sock.  He asked, “Is that Phoebe’s?”  And I said yes and he was so enthusiastic.  I have been sort of thinking they won’t be that excited about these, but both seem super interested and excited that mommy is maybe making them something.

Also, I’m still reading a couple of Advent books, and working through The Things of Earth but this book has been a favorite of mine with to read with the kids this year.  A library find, but I will probably have to buy it.  It is set in the mountains where we live, such a sweet story of a humble family and hope, and the little girl is named “Ruthie” just like our little Ruthie (Philippa Ruth).  I have added a list of some of our other favorite + treasured Christmas children’s books in my little book store (on the slide-out sidebar under “Recommended Reads”).

Joining up with Ginny Sheller’s weekly yarn along today.

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The past week has been busy with family and gathering, the best sort of busy.  I’ve been trying to crank out some knitting on this sock in the few quiet moments in between.  This is my first time knitting in the round + knitting socks, I really am enjoying it now that I’ve started to see it take shape.  I’m skeptical that I’ll finish 4 sets of these before Christmas at this rate! 😦  But maybe I’ll get faster as I get the hang of it?  I’m just about ready to start on the heel flap on this one.  Lots to learn!

I’m still reading The Things of Earth of course, it will take me a bit to work through that one.  I’ve also started a few Advent books, this one is edited by Nancy Guthrie, an author I love, and is a compilation of some Christmas reflections from some of the best pastors and theologians such as George Whitfield, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, John Piper, Tim Keller, Jonathon Edwards, Augustine, Schaeffer, etc.  I’m enjoying it so far.  I’m also reading Ann Voskamp’s The Greatest Gift and the children + I have been eager to dive back into the child’s Advent book Unwrapping the Greatest Gift.  We worked through it last year and all loved it so much.  I think it will be a treasured family tradition for us!

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