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What a mild winter it has been so far.  I feel a bit complain-y but I do miss a good cold/snowy cozy winter.  I hope we still have some of those days ahead.  Yesterday the warm sun felt so good and who could resist sitting out in it and basking in it in the middle of January?  Certainly not me.  I am a firm believer in taking the gifts of each day’s weather.  Still it feels unnatural to move from fall into spring.  I’m missing my old friend winter, the way she makes us crazy toward her end and ready for thawing soil, spring rain, vibrant color, and the smallest glimpses of new life.  It strikes me that maybe we just can’t fully enjoy the glories of spring without the quietude and bleakness of a long winter.

We’ve been back to our usual routines and though there’s always a rub to the mundane parts of life, there is a simplicity to it that feels healing.  Our mornings are full of books, writing, arithmetic, our afternoons full of time spent outdoors, music lessons, tutoring, or running household errands.  We had a fair bit of rain the last few days, and in the glorious sunshine that follows, I find myself wandering about the garden, starting to think about what we will grow this year.  I knit up a pair of baby bloomers for Wren.  They are knit top-down in yarn from local-to-me Bovidae Farm, with a sweet little lateral braid separating the rib and the squishy fisherman’s rib on the body.  They are simple and darling.  Wren seems to love anything I make for her, she loves dressing up and trying things on, so she is always game for new hand knits.  I snapped a few pictures of her this morning in the blustery morning air.  She was very busy tidying up her little house outside, bringing me all sorts of items the older children had left out there and throwing whatever else she didn’t want down the slide.  She is full of big feelings, this little one, one minute ecstatic and the next minute screaming her frustration.  In a little more than a month she will be two and I can hardly believe it.

ps. Wren is wearing the wiksten animal bonnet which I knit in naturally-dyed yarn, and in the earlier pictures she’s wearing her flax light sweater from her first birthday.  Yes, I’m already contemplating what her birthday sweater should be for this year. 🙂  I’m thinking about another Camilla Babe sweater in my own hand-dyed worsted eco yarn dyed with marigold.

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I’ve been working on Brandon’s socks now, almost done with the foot of sock one.  Since they weren’t done by Christmas, maybe I’ll have them done by his birthday in a couple of weeks? 😉  Since he never reads my blog, I can safely tell you I will probably knit him a chunky warm hat, too.  He hasn’t asked me to make him anything yet, but he asks every time I start something new “and who is that for?”  I think he’s quietly waiting for his turn.   I finished up the hat I was knitting last week (made up the pattern).  Here is Phoebe modeling it, and then myself (picture snapped by Phoebe)!  It’s a gift for a loved one.


I’m reading a few books right now, but this one came in the mail yesterday and I just started it.  I am only one chapter in so I can’t tell you what I think just yet.  I find I rarely read fiction these days and I’m in need of some good stories to get lost in.  I’m hoping this is one of them!  It’s about a girl from an Amish family in 1842 who has two marriage proposals, one offering her the home + life she craves near her family + faith, the other offering her an adventure West.  I’m hoping she goes with option #2 for some reason.  I’m drawn to everything prairie-life, alaska-related + homestead-y right now.  Do tell if you know of other books in that genre!

Anyway.. I can hardly focus because this is what I’m seeing outside of my window from my desk.  FINALLY!


Joining up with Ginny + all the other lovely knitters and readers at her blog today!  Hop over there for great reading + knitting suggestions.



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I’ve finished all the kids socks (pictures below) and am working on Brandon’s now.  But I seem to need a couple projects going at once, so when my wooden circular needles came in the mail (late christmas gift from brandon) I got to work on a hat.  I’m just making up a pattern as I go, and have never worked decreases on a hat before or knitted a hat in the round, so I’m hoping it turns out okay!  I’m just about to start the decreases.

Also, I seem to keep multiple books going at once, too.  I picked up  I Capture the Castle from my shelves this week, just in need of some fiction lately.  I remember enjoying it years ago and can’t quite remember much about it, so it’s been interesting to get back into it.  I’m about a third of the way through.  I think my perspective as a single girl reading it (before) is quite different now, almost 10 years of marriage and three children later.  Love stories just read differently when your love story has mostly been written rather than being a blank page of wonderment before you, if that makes sense?

Anyway, it’s a nice diversion.  As promised last week, here are some pictures of Philippa’s finished socks and the three kiddos all together.  I see lots of mistakes in these socks, but I learned a TON and really had fun making them, and I prefer character over perfection anyway.


What are you knitting or reading?  (Joining up with Ginny today.  Go check out what lovely things others are making/reading for some inspiration!)

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So I’ve finished philippa’s first sock and onto the cuff of sock number two!  I’ve been really loving working with this color yarn (Semolina) and her sock is so darn cute on her, I can’t wait to see them both on.  Once everyone’s are finally done I will snap a pic with them all wearing them!  Philippa keeps snagging the finished sock and I catch her trying with consternation to get it on her foot.  So I think she will like them.

I’m still working through a few books but haven’t gotten in much reading time the last few days.  I have started this condensed version of Little Women with Phoebe.  I found it at the Target dollar spot (along with a bunch of other bantam classics!) before Christmas for $1 so I couldn’t pass it up.  This one looks similar.  Plus it has great hand-drawn illustrations on almost every page which she loves in a chapter book.  It is very condensed but it’s a good introduction to the basic story line and I will probably read her the longer version soon.  She and I used to always read a chapter book together, one chapter a day (we worked our way through most of the Little House on the Prairie Books) but I’ve had a harder time squeezing this reading time in with her lately and want to get back to it.  She is such a reader and it’s a way she and I can have just some special mommy/daughter time together.

Here are the socks for each child so you can see the sizing.  The pink are Phoebe’s, blue are Noah’s and yellow are for Philippa.


Joining in with Ginny Sheller’s yarn along today.  Happy knitting, friends! What are you working on?

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I haven’t been getting much reading done lately, with all the birthday and Christmas and family celebrations.  I’m still working through Parables and The Things of Earth.  I’m itching for a good fiction, though.  I have a list waiting, just need to force myself to finish up what I’m reading before I move onto something else.  James Herriot’s Treasury for Children was one of the kids’ Christmas gifts and we started on it today.  They seemed to really love it, as I figured they would.  They love anything having to do with animals + farm life, and so do I, really.

Noah’s first sock is done and I’m part way through the gusset of sock 2.  I hope to have it done by tomorrow.  He seems more excited about these than Phoebe did, so I’m hoping he likes them!  She told me after I gave her hers for Christmas that she wanted red, not pink, and that they were too hot and poke-y.  Ahh!  But when I told her I’d just hand them down to her sister, she seemed suddenly quite attached to them.

Either way, I enjoyed making them. 🙂

(Joining up with Ginny Sheller’s weekly Yarn Along today)


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joining up today with Ginny Sheller’s yarn along to share what i’m reading + knitting this week!


I am still working on making a few knitted baby bonnet hats for some nieces + nephews, per request.  I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be able to make something for those I love that they really like!  For a stay-at-home-momma of three on a tight budget, it enables me to give a unique gift of value that is affordable on my part.

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This one I finished up for my nephew, being modeled here by my son.  I’m also working on three more of these, and still working on some dishcloths.  I’ve ordered some supplies to make some hand knit christmas gifts for my children, so I’m excited to get started on those + will share pics soon!  Also, Phoebe has asked me to make her a scarf, and has already picked out her yarn, so I will be onto that soon too.  Many things to keep my hands busy!  I’m finding myself taking my knitting with me everywhere now.

Also, I’ve just started on The Things of Earth: Treasuring God by Enjoying His Gifts by Joe Rigney.  This is one I’ve been dying to read for some time now, but have been busy with some other books.  The theme of this book is one very close to my own heart and core passion, that of enjoying God in His good gifts, rather than seeing “the things of earth” as being far less important than the things of the soul + spirit.  I’m hoping Rigney makes a strong biblical case for our finding God in the good gifts He gives us and worshipping Him through them.  (I’ve written briefly about my passion for this here, here, and here.)  John Piper wrote the forward and it looks a theologically rich read that I’m eager to sink my soul into.