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So I’ve begun on Noah’s first Christmas sock, most likely won’t be done by Christmas but still plugging away at it.  I also burned the midnight oil last night trying furiously to finish these two knitted projects for Phoebe’s birthday (today), a scarf with this super soft purple yarn that she picked out and a knitted bonnet hat to match her sister’s.  She was SO excited and happy when she opened it and told me it was “just what she wanted,” which can only make every moment of sleep-deprivation worth while for this momma.  I just made up the pattern for the scarf, stockinette stitch with a seed stitch border and tassels.  It still rolls on the sides, but oh well.  She likes it! 🙂

I’m reading this new release by John MacArthur, Parables, and absolutely loving it.  I’ve been studying the Gospels all year long and so I was immediately drawn to this as I have been loving meditating on the parables of Jesus in the Gospels.  It is fascinating so far!

Here is the birthday scarf + hat:


Can I just say, I love knitting?!

(joining up with Ginny Sheller’s yarn along today.)

1 thought on “yarn along”

  1. Oh Martha, these look so great!! I’m so impressed with how quickly you’ve picked up knitting, and I love how much you love it!! Hope you & your sweet family have a wonderful Christmas! ❤

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