apple pie tree


Every fall we make a trip to a local apple orchard.  It was busier this year than ever before, a hustle of bustle, so maybe next year we will hunt for someplace more obscure.  The introvert in me was a bit bewildered.  I barely pulled myself together to get out the door that morning, having had a night of insomnia and only a few hours sleep.  But my sweet nephew E was in town, and I wanted to take him and my kids to do something fun, so we pulled ourselves together.  No pretty outfits and not much fanfare, but I did manage to grab a library book we had called “Apple Pie Tree” and coloring sheets/crayons.  Why not squeeze in a bit of school (said every homeschooling mom ever)?

The kids hunted for apples, we sat in a quiet place between rows of trees after picking  a few and learned about the parts of an apple.  We looked around for a few more apples, only picking enough for the children to be able to carry.  I have no hopes of canning up applesauce as I have done in years past.  We explored the orchard, visiting the ducks and sheep and goats, the peacocks and playgrounds.  Rainey treated them to a tractor hayride, which was the delight of all.  Then we spread out our blanket again and had a picnic before heading home.  I read to them from our apple tree book, and as always, little munchers are rapt listeners.  After we were home and children were resting/napping, I peeled and cored and sliced and made a gluten-free apple pie using the recipe from the back of the library book.  Simple ingredients and a heavenly smell.

You can read about our visit to the apple orchard with friends last year here.

yarn along


I cast on Phoebe’s birthday sweater a few days ago.  Appropriately, the pattern is “Phoebe’s sweater” and it’s one she saw and fell in love with awhile ago.  She keeps asking me if I’m knitting it for her and I’m trying to pretend that I’m not, but realistically I will probably need to try it on her throughout, so I’m sure the secret will be out sooner than later.  I am enjoying knitting it so far except that it’s making my wrists ache–maybe because the needles are larger and the yarn is pretty slippery so I’m having to hold it more firmly?  (Also, I finished Philippa’s leksak a few days ago and you can see pictures in my last post.)

I finished Crossing the Waters and definitely would recommend it for someone wanting a fresh look at the Gospels, and a fresh encounter with Jesus.  I’ll post a review soon (behind on those, per usual).  I’ve just begun Shannan Martin’s new memoir Falling Free: Rescued from the Life I Always Wanted about her and her husband’s selling of their farm/dream life and moving into the city to follow God’s call to a “less is more” life.  I’m sure this will be interesting to read/contemplate as B and I look to buy our first home.

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philippa’s leksak


Oh my girl is so darling.  I just love that little face so much.  So I finished up her Leksak tunic last night and with just a bit of yarn left.  Yay!  I tried it on her this morning and snapped a few pictures (I didn’t even wait to block it first).  She is so cute, she seems really happy with it and was twirling around and then just toddled off to play with leaves and sticks.  It will be a great light pullover to throw on for a chilly morning.  This pattern was really fun, easy, and quick.  I have wanted to knit it ever since seeing it on Ginny’s girls, loving her choice of knits for their practicality and ease.  The yarn I used was just some random cheap yarn in my stash from my pre-knitting days, when I bought a bunch for a yarn tassel garland and for weaving.  I don’t plan to buy any more yarn of this nature, but also am too miserly to just throw it out, so I plan to use it up on some fun quick knits like this one.  This was my goal in learning how to knit, to be able to knit some clothes and practical items for my loved ones, and it brings so much joy to be able to do so at this point!  Plus they always seem to love it when I’ve made something for them.  I’ve been finishing up all of my WIPs so that I can begin working on sweaters for each of the kid’s birthdays coming up in November + December.  My needles will be busy!


yarn along


I finished my favourite socks and also some commissioned fingerless mittens for my sis-in-law, and I’m attempting to finish the Leksak tunic for Philippa in the next few days.  Last night I finished the body and now am picking up stitches on the front to do the front panel and then sleeves.  I don’t really know if I have enough yarn left, so it’s sort of a gamble but I think I’ll be able to make it work?  We shall see.

I’m also about to finish Crossing the Waters.  I guess it’s a “finishing” sort of week!  I’m in the last couple of chapters and thoroughly have enjoyed this one.  Such a good read snuggled in my bed at night.

Here’s a peek at those other finished knits, though I haven’t properly photographed them yet.🙂

14670850_10154475001167605_3258667151078503336_n.jpgDSC_0079 (1).jpg

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outing to the reservoir


Not much time today for words.  It is October and we mostly spend our days out, if we can.  These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago, the first official week of fall.  We took our school work and went on a little field trip to a nearby favorite area from my college years.  We focused on noticing, listening, looking, enjoying.  They ran and laughed and played, and I had a few moments to be quiet and reflect.  When my soul is overwhelmed it usually helps to get outside and remember a bigger world at work in a hundred million ways without my  involvement or attention.  I am so thankful for these three little ones, the bond growing between them, their hungry curiosity about the world, their freshness and innocence and unguardedness.  I learn so much from them.  These days are tired but so achingly happy.

the last baby

dsc_0206 dsc_0178 dsc_0157 dsc_0153 dsc_0194 dsc_0182 dsc_0209 dsc_0166

One of my dearest friends from college is due to have her fourth baby in a few weeks.  We were hoping to have a chance to throw a little baby shower for her, but, well, with nine kids between the three of us, it was hard to work it out logistically.  The best thing of all is just gathering for a mini getaway/catch-up since it is so much harder to keep in touch over the distance these days.  So, the three of us (my two best girlfriends and I) met up this past weekend late Sunday evening.  We drove to Max Patch, which is a good midway meeting point for us, hiked up to the grassy bald in the dark, carrying a cold dinner to share and a camp stove so we could brew some coffee.  We bundled in our sleeping bags and talked under the stars cupping steaming mugs.  By nearly midnight, we packed up and headed back to our homes, crawling back into bed at nearly 2 am.  But these gatherings are the best.  They are life-giving, better than a full night’s sleep.  Worth 3 hrs of driving (roundtrip).  This is the last baby my friend will have, these are the last days her tummy will be swollen like a full moon, and it felt right to commemorate this somehow.  In the past months I’ve slowly knitted her baby a little wooly sleep sack, in neutral colors with wooden buttons, as well as a little newborn “pilot cap.”  Both patterns were an absolute delight to knit and I’m so excited to snuggle this last little man-cub in his woolens.  I remember when this friend of mine had her first baby, and how strange to think we are all nearing the end of our child-birthing years.  Truly, they are hard years, but somehow the most glorious, too.

yarn along


Not much time for reading this week but definitely have a hard time putting this one down in the evenings when I do have a minute or two.  Crossing the Waters is a beautiful, insightful read.  Basically the notes and reflections of an Alaskan fisherwoman as she contemplates the Gospels through the lens of her experience living life on the waters.  It feels like a modern day retelling of the Gospel stories which brings them to life again in an achingly winsome way.

I’ve been knitting these 70 yard mitts for my sister-in-law, per her request.  She picked out the yarn color and pattern and they are super fast to knit and its always lovely to work with Madelinetosh yarn!

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