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I’ve been knitting mostly on Noah’s birthday sweater, finishing both sleeves and attaching them to the body, and then realized I was running out of the blue yarn for the last bit of blue stripe. ¬†Woe is me. ūüė¶ I tried to figure out ways to get around ordering another skein of yarn, but in the end I know I won’t like the look of it with one stripe being the wrong size and then I will likely run out of yarn in the other colors if I try to stretch them to take up the yardage of the blue stripe. ¬†Needless to say, I admitted defeat and ordered another skein. ¬†So that sweater is on hold for a few days. ¬†It should be fairly quick to finish once the yarn arrives.

Meanwhile, I cast on Phoebe’s birthday sweater. ¬†This sweater is a bit of a gamble as I’m trying to adjust an adult-sized sweater down to Phoebe’s size by using smaller yarn and needles and a tight gauge. ¬†I think it is ambitious to hope to have it done within a month, it’s possible but I doubt it. ¬†I couldn’t resist this sweater though because of the horses on the yoke. ¬†Phoebe is going to love it, even if I finish it after her birthday.

Still reading On the Road with Saint Augustine.

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tucking in

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The first heavy frost came last week, this week the first snow flurries and frigid temps. ¬†We’ve finished up the last few projects outdoors. ¬†Brandon and I (mainly Brandon) worked on laying this stone walkway from our driveway to the back porch over the course of three weeks. ¬†Sometimes it’s silly how long it takes us to get things done, but its not for lack of trying. ¬†It’s just life in this season with a lot to juggle and a lot of interruptions. ¬†We really love the finished product! ¬†It’s always exciting to make improvements (though ever so slowly for us) to our little home.

I trimmed back bushes last week and raked up as many leaves as I could one morning then spread it over the garden.  The children have been enjoying any sunny warm weather they can, though those days may be behind us now.  How quickly these warm fall days give way to frost and bleak, barren limb.

Also, Phoebe has been singing weekly with a choir called Viva Voce and lately they’ve had a couple of performances. ¬†These photos were from her first performance in a church nearby. ¬†I can’t tell you how proud I am to hear her sing, and she loves it so. ¬†Our mornings are full with school work, our afternoons are mostly full now with activities and I am running around ferrying children to and fro. ¬†It is good, busy, and I’m a bit looking forward to a long break from school work in December.

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yarn along


I cast on Noah’s birthday sweater a few days ago and am making good progress on it so far, almost done with the body below the sleeves. ¬†He picked out the colors and I’m not sure if it will look good in the end but I love his input and wanted to make what he imagined come to reality. ¬†I had wanted to knit him something with a color work yoke but he wanted big stripes. ¬†My gauge is a bit off and this sweater is turning out on the big side, but I don’t have the heart to rip back and better to be too big than small. ¬†I am using Beaverslide Dry Goods worsted weight yarn for the first time and it is really, really nice. ¬†I would love a sweater in this yarn too one day!

The children and I began reading Pilgrim’s Progress last week. ¬†We’ve read it before but I’m not sure if we finished it.

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Apart from seaming the underarms and blocking, Philippa’s birthday sweater is done! ¬†I need to cast on Phoebe’s this week, but I haven’t had the time to wind up yarn and swatch, so I’ve picked up my featherweight in the meantime. ¬†Ever so grateful for a few mindless projects on the go that I can pick up as needed and add a row or two. ¬†Somehow the body of my featherweight is already nearly done, I’m knitting the last few rows of ribbing on the hem. ¬†Then onto sleeves. ¬†I’m going to try knitting with small circumference circulars on the sleeves and see if it helps me avoid laddering. ¬†I ordered 9-inch but now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have tried 12-inch? ¬†Any recommendations, knitters?

I’m still reading On the Road with Saint Augustine. ¬†I can’t move too quickly through this one, lots to mull over and reflect on. ¬†Although let’s be honest, I’m not reading much these days, only the last few minutes before sleep.

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halloween fun

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The sweetest halloween. ¬†We aren’t huge halloween people, but children do love to dress up and to go door-to-door asking for candy, so we allow it. ¬†I never want to spend much ¬†(or anything) on costumes but I did buy noah’s costume (second hand), which he really loved, though I had tried hard to convince him to be a lumber jack so we could have a woodland theme (with Phoebe being a wood fairy). ¬†I knitted a little mushroom cap and neck piece for Wren and a fox bonnet for Philippa from scrap yarn. ¬†Phoebe put her own costume together and when she was looking at pictures with me she said, “Oh I really did look beautiful.” ¬†I thought that was so precious, and I hope she always thinks that when she sees pictures of herself.

Wren was an absolute hoot to trick-or-treat with. ¬†Every other time I’ve put the hat on her she has pulled it off but she this time she must have gathered that it was dress-up and she totally loved it. ¬†She wanted to run up to the houses just like the big kids and she would eagerly yell out some form of “trick-or-treat,” and happily wave “bye” and say “dee-doo” (thank you) for candy. ¬†She loved having her own “basket” to carry and didn’t want any help. ¬†Though heavy rains and thunderstorms were forecasted we had clear weather and it got pretty cold by the end of the evening. ¬†We don’t keep any of the candy we gather, Brandon ends up taking it to work, and I trade it out for the kids with candy and chocolate from the health food store that is certified GF and such. ¬†They don’t mind a bit and are good sports about it.

Now, we are into November, and what a beautiful start to the month it has been.  I hope you all had a safe, fun and happy Halloween.

yarn along


I’ve made a good bit of progress on Philippa’s birthday sweater. ¬†I’ve just finished joining the sleeves and body and knitting the first bobble row. ¬†I’ve also been working on a last minute bonnet for her for her halloween costume and a pair of birthday socks. ¬†She’s been seeing sneak peeks of what I’m working on and is very excited to be the recipient of ¬†a lot of woolly love lately. ¬†I’m eager to get back to some of the more selfish projects I had going, but yarn will arrive soon for both Noah and Phoebe’s birthday sweaters and I need to start on them asap. ¬†Noah’s should be a fairly quick knit, but Phoebe’s will be fingering weight color work and will likely take a bit longer.

I’m still reading On the Road with St. Augustine. ¬†It’s a bit different than what I expected, but it’s interesting and thought-provoking and I’m curious to see where it will go.

I do hope to get a regular blog post up soon, sorry for the absence.  It has felt busy around here with just our regular mundane and ordinary living and sometimes I forget to stop and photograph those moments, too.  Can you believe it is the last few days of October?  Please, time, slow down.

Sending love and well wishes to you today, dear reader, and just wanting to extend a big thank you for reading along here, for kind comments and encouragement, for the thoughts you share in return with me. ¬†I do love hearing from you. ¬†I’m grateful for your company in this little corner.

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yarn along


Good morning, friends. ¬†It’s another rainy Tuesday here in which it’s hard to find good light for photos. ¬†That’s okay, though, I love the moody light on rainy days. ¬†This week I’ve cast on for a birthday sweater for my Philippa who will be turning five exactly a month from today. ¬†Sob. ¬†This should knit up quickly as it’s a chunky weight sweater. ¬†Last year Philippa didn’t really care for her birthday sweater so I thought I wouldn’t bother making another, and she has gone back and forth about whether she wants one, but I think if I knit for all the other kids and not her she will be bummed. ¬†So, I’m trying to using some yarn that’s fun and colorful (which she picked out) and make an easy pullover and hope for the best. ¬†She has requested socks and I hope to get a pair of those done, too. ¬†Socks are really her favorite. ūüôā

Also, I’ve begun¬†On the Road with Saint Augustine. ¬†This one looked really interesting to me and I’ve had a hard time putting it down thus far. ¬†I think I will really enjoy it, but it’s a bit early to say. ¬†There are some things already that I’m not sure I agree with. ¬†However, it is a very timely read for me personally. ¬†I have loved The Confessions by Saint Augustine since college and I’m eager to spend more time with him on these pages.

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