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So I FINISHED my very first sock!  I’m super proud and stoked.  I have learned a lot of new things while working on this one, and I’m pretty hooked on knitting.  I started the matching sock for it last night.  I am pretty eager and ancy to get these done before Christmas and I’m feeling like at this rate I will most certainly not get everyone’s finished!  😦  Phoebe has seen me working on these, she sort of thinks they are for her but I haven’t said anything directly.  Even this morning, Noah saw me taking these pictures and he was excited to see the finished sock.  He asked, “Is that Phoebe’s?”  And I said yes and he was so enthusiastic.  I have been sort of thinking they won’t be that excited about these, but both seem super interested and excited that mommy is maybe making them something.

Also, I’m still reading a couple of Advent books, and working through The Things of Earth but this book has been a favorite of mine with to read with the kids this year.  A library find, but I will probably have to buy it.  It is set in the mountains where we live, such a sweet story of a humble family and hope, and the little girl is named “Ruthie” just like our little Ruthie (Philippa Ruth).  I have added a list of some of our other favorite + treasured Christmas children’s books in my little book store (on the slide-out sidebar under “Recommended Reads”).

Joining up with Ginny Sheller’s weekly yarn along today.

7 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. It looks like you’re doing a terrific job knitting your first socks. I’m sure Pheobe will love them. Your enthusiasm for knitting is kind of infectious. :^) I’m not a knitter, yet I want to make some socks!

    1. Becki I just learned to knit a few weeks ago! I felt the urge to give it a try for quite a while beforehand, so maybe you’ll find yourself learning soon. These socks were a great first pattern to try, I thought!

  2. Wow, socks! That completed one looks so great. My husband would love me to knit him socks. Maybe yours will inspire me to give them a go. What a special gift for your girl, I’m so happy your kids are excited by their mama knits.

  3. Ever since I was a little girl, that has been my absolute favorite Christmas book. My dad still reads it aloud every Christmas Eve and now I just cry, haha. Isn’t it amazing how a book can change in your eyes over time? It holds so much more meaning to me now–such a beautiful story. One of my favorite family Christmas traditions is my mom and dad reading aloud Children’s christmas stories in front of the fire on Christmas Eve. They still do it…and we’re definitely not children anymore. But the stories are even more profound and beautiful. Another one you have got to check out is: “The Holly and the Ivy” http://www.mediander.com/books/9780670062195/the-story-of-holly-and-ivy/?source=googleps&gclid=CMSU7bfS1skCFYQXHwodPEQJMA

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