My name is Martha and this is my sweet family!  First and foremost, Jesus is everything to me and I hope you hear a whole lot about Him through my posts here.  I married a pretty stellar guy and we are the happy (and often tired!) parents of four sweet children.  I love being a wife + momma most of all, it truly is the best job in the world to me.  I love books, theology, learning, knitting + all things wooly, playing outside (hiking, running, mountain biking, snowboarding), wild places, photography, music, coffee, and good conversation.  I also love dipping my toes in gardening + small scale homesteading, with hopes of maybe developing that further one day.  We are a homeschooling family, every year falling deeper in love with the freedom, togetherness, and exploration that homeschooling provides.

I began this blog a couple of years ago out of a need for a creative outlet.  A place, a quiet corner, a blank page, so to speak.  I began it really to honor my own soul’s need to write, to pay attention to that need and to carve out a space to pursue it.  I began it at a time when I was learning to pay attention to my soul’s particular make-up, my soul’s hunger to create.  I never thought of myself as an artist.  To be honest, deep down I thought art was a wasteful and sort of an unnecessary way to spend my days.  This blog is a place where I am giving myself permission to pursue the creativity God has placed within me, through writing, photography, music, cooking, knitting, and other forms of “making.”  It also serves as a little family scrapbook, a place where I’m trying to pay close attention to my ordinary days and record them.

My life is definitely not always noteworthy or beautiful–but I’m convinced we can always find beauty when we look + pay attention.  Taking pictures helps me see.  Keeping a record keeps me grounded.  Sharing whatever I’m learning, whatever is good, is one of my great passions.

What I hope I can encourage you to do is to live your one ordinary, precious, wild life to the full and with your full attention.  Our ordinary days + ordinary lives are holy ground, they have the potential to be a meeting place with God.  You can find me on Instagram, my other favorite corner of the internet, and share your own ways of finding the holy in the ordinary with the hashtag #holyordinary.  You’ll often find me orbiting around this question: Where is Christ?  How is He with me as I parent little ones?  Cook meals?  Make a home?  Yes, He meets me on the pages of Scripture–and I treasure this–but does He also meet me in my daily work?  Do even the “little things” matter to Him?  How can I find Him not in just the expected “sacred” things (church, prayer, bible study), but in everything He gives?  I hope so much to glorify Him in everything, to give thanks in everything, not just in the big and extraordinary.  I pray He is glorified and made much of here by this one simple gal.

I am honored that you’d read along and maybe even share some of your own journey with me along the way!  I love hearing from you, so say please feel free to say hello or share your thoughts anytime.  You can also email me at marthahkimball@gmail.com.

Be well + I pray you are blessed.


10 thoughts on “about”

  1. Really sweet of you, Kayla! I haven’t heard of it before but I really enjoyed exploring your blog and will consider doing the Liebster award too if I can! It does sound fun. 🙂 Thanks for including me.

  2. Love it! Your blog has inspired me to not get lost in the identity of being a mom only, but to also celebrate who I have always been and who God is growing and cultivating me to become.

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