yarn along


So I’ve finished philippa’s first sock and onto the cuff of sock number two!  I’ve been really loving working with this color yarn (Semolina) and her sock is so darn cute on her, I can’t wait to see them both on.  Once everyone’s are finally done I will snap a pic with them all wearing them!  Philippa keeps snagging the finished sock and I catch her trying with consternation to get it on her foot.  So I think she will like them.

I’m still working through a few books but haven’t gotten in much reading time the last few days.  I have started this condensed version of Little Women with Phoebe.  I found it at the Target dollar spot (along with a bunch of other bantam classics!) before Christmas for $1 so I couldn’t pass it up.  This one looks similar.  Plus it has great hand-drawn illustrations on almost every page which she loves in a chapter book.  It is very condensed but it’s a good introduction to the basic story line and I will probably read her the longer version soon.  She and I used to always read a chapter book together, one chapter a day (we worked our way through most of the Little House on the Prairie Books) but I’ve had a harder time squeezing this reading time in with her lately and want to get back to it.  She is such a reader and it’s a way she and I can have just some special mommy/daughter time together.

Here are the socks for each child so you can see the sizing.  The pink are Phoebe’s, blue are Noah’s and yellow are for Philippa.


Joining in with Ginny Sheller’s yarn along today.  Happy knitting, friends! What are you working on?

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