yarn along


I’ve finished all the kids socks (pictures below) and am working on Brandon’s now.  But I seem to need a couple projects going at once, so when my wooden circular needles came in the mail (late christmas gift from brandon) I got to work on a hat.  I’m just making up a pattern as I go, and have never worked decreases on a hat before or knitted a hat in the round, so I’m hoping it turns out okay!  I’m just about to start the decreases.

Also, I seem to keep multiple books going at once, too.  I picked up  I Capture the Castle from my shelves this week, just in need of some fiction lately.  I remember enjoying it years ago and can’t quite remember much about it, so it’s been interesting to get back into it.  I’m about a third of the way through.  I think my perspective as a single girl reading it (before) is quite different now, almost 10 years of marriage and three children later.  Love stories just read differently when your love story has mostly been written rather than being a blank page of wonderment before you, if that makes sense?

Anyway, it’s a nice diversion.  As promised last week, here are some pictures of Philippa’s finished socks and the three kiddos all together.  I see lots of mistakes in these socks, but I learned a TON and really had fun making them, and I prefer character over perfection anyway.


What are you knitting or reading?  (Joining up with Ginny today.  Go check out what lovely things others are making/reading for some inspiration!)

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