yarn along

These beautiful socks are called the Beatrix socks and they are a test knit for Sabrina Justine. I’m knitting them with Garthenor’s Snowdonia sock yarn. Absolutely stunning rustic sock yarn for a gal who loves to work with wild and woolly wool. I have blocked the first sock and it fits beautifully and is very soft. I’m curious how the yarn will hold up!

I’m still reading Delighting in the Law of the Lord, only a few pages from finishing it. I would highly, highly recommend it. Even though it isn’t necessarily speaking to our times directly or intentionally since it was written some years ago, it is terribly relevant and oftentimes I felt so encouraged reading it and applying the truths and meditations therein to a lot of social and cultural issues of our day. It is one I will probably reread and definitely will refer back to often.

What are you reading and making lately?


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