yarn along

Over the weekend we had a getaway for our anniversary and I wanted to cast on a few new things. I did make a lot of progress on my ranunculus, and am about to start the ribbing on the body. I just need to slip stitches to waste yarn so I can try it on and make sure I’m happy with the length before I do so. I really don’t know yet if I will like the finished product, but if not I know I can just rip out and use the yarn for something else. Since I did cast on a few things over the weekend my knitting has felt a little bit all over the place. It is really fun though to have a lot of different things on my needles to choose from!

I also finished reading Delighting in the Law of the Lord. It was good to the very end. I’m starting Home Education, planning to read it slowly with a couple friends and discuss it. I know I’ve read it partially before but it will be good to revisit it with a group.

How are you and what might you be up to this week? Are the flowers bursting where you are? My peonies are beginning to open and our garden is almost all planted, our poppies are bringing me joy every single day. I do so love May!

Happy reading and making.


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