yarn along

October is nearly gone and it has been a beautiful month in many ways. Last weekend we were camping by our favorite mountain lake and the colors and weather were perfect. It seems like the fall colors here are burgeoning later, and maybe we are only just now on the cusp of peak color. October is the best month in western North Carolina in my opinion.

As November approaches, birthday sweater knitting season commences. I’ve begun Philippa’s birthday sweater and need to make some quick headway on it! They always knit up faster than I expect, however these children are bigger every year and the birthday sweaters take longer than they used to. Philippa helped pick out the yarn and pattern. She’s pretty picky about what she wears, and it’s worth it to me to know she will like the end product rather than surprise her with something she doesn’t like. This pattern has you begin knitting the back panel and then pick up for the shoulders and neck shaping. I’m ready to begin shaping the left shoulder and then will soon be able to join in the round, and the knitting should go a lot faster then. It is very soft, and Philippa has freaked out anytime she’s touched mohair yarn because it is so soft. It’ll be a treat for her to have a mohair sweater! She keeps reminding me I need to be working on it whenever she sees me knitting on something else, and she is very much so looking forward to her birthday.

I finished These High, Green Hills and need to check out the fourth in the series from the library. In the meantime I’ve been reading A Burning in my Bones by Will Collier, a biography of Eugene Peterson. It is interesting so far.

Hope you are well, hope to be able to share more on the blog besides yarn alongs soon!


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