yarn along


September days are upon us, earliest foliage beginning to change.  The garden is tired, the days are shortening ever so slightly, the mornings are beginning to cool.  I separated for sleeves on my nordiska sweater and just need to try it on for length soon before starting the color work portion that goes along the bottom.  I’m still torn about the colors I’ve chosen for the color work so we’ll see.

I finished The Brave Learner and am now reading Beauty for Truth’s Sake.  This is one I am curious about and interested in for sure but also am disciplining myself to read to continue my own learning.  I think in particular the author’s emphasis on the beauty and order in mathematics will be necessary for me as I try to ignite my own sense of wonder and curiosity so that I can hopefully do the same for my little learners.

Joining with Nicole’s Crafting On and Ginny’s Yarn Along.


4 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Good things here! I sometimes have to talk to myself about my reading too–I want to keep learning, discovering and pursuing truth and beauty, but I also sometimes just want an easy read. I think it is okay to have both as long as there is balance. Your sweater looks beautiful.

    1. The sweater is looking lovely (that yarn!), and I hope you end up liking the colors you’ve chosen. “Beauty for Truth’s Sake” looks so good that I bought it on Kindle! I need to finish some other books before I start it, but it looked too fascinating to pass up.


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