yarn along


We went camping over the weekend and I knew I would need a simple project to work on in the dark around a campfire and while chatting with family who we would be camping with.  So I set my nordiska aside again since I’m nearing the start of color work, and cast on a pair of these socks.  The colors remind me of fall.  There is something so simple and grounding for me about knitting socks.  I enjoy knitting anything really, but I do like to always have a pair of socks on the needles to have while out and about.  As much as I prefer vanilla sock knitting because they are so speedy and comforting, the pattern of this sock is so pretty and I think they will fit so nicely.  They will be a gift.

I didn’t make much headway in Beauty for Truth’s Sake in the past week.  The children and I have been really enjoying reading Paddle to the Sea slowly, they beg me to read just another page.

Joining with Nicole’s weekly Crafting On.

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