yarn along



I bought this crazy fun happy yarn over a year ago and tried to cast on for socks but was so sick in my pregnancy with wren that they idled for awhile before I ripped them out.  This yarn is so bright and different for me, I wasn’t much in the mood to work with it.  But lately I just craved wood dpns and the bliss of simple vanilla sock knitting and these socks are literally flying off my  needles.  I cast them on on Saturday and in three days I’m nearly onto the foot of the sock, which is pretty fast for me.  It’s hard to capture the color accurately because it’s so neon-y but this is fairly close.  The yarn is addicting to work with because of the constant variation in color.  I’m knitting these for myself, hoping to maybe attempt to make one pair of socks for myself each season of the year, so these will be summer socks since the color is summery to me (of course i’ll be wearing them in the winter).  I think they’ll be fun to have on dreary grey winter days.  Also, my girls are so terribly jealous and coveting my crazy yarn so maybe some more fun neon pink yarn will be in my future.  I don’t mind.

About half way through Devoted: Great Men and their Godly Moms (affiliate link) and loving it so far.  Highly recommend.  Short stories/biographies and so much encouragement for every sort of mom.

I’m joining up with Nicole’s Crafting On to share what I’m reading/working on this week.  As always, I’d love to hear what you’re making and reading too!


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