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The skies are brooding, ready to open up any minute.  I am just sitting down with a cup of afternoon coffee, which I never ordinarily make, but after a busy morning running errands and sitting for 2.5 hrs (!!) in eye appointments for the children and then hurriedly mowing the lawn for the last couple of hours before we have a few days of heavy rain… I think I’ve earned it. 🙂

Yesterday I took the kids to the Greenville Zoo for a fun day trip before we picked up my parents from the airport in Greenville.  It was a super fun day but no naps were had by all and today the house is quiet and hopefully the younger babies sleep and we have a more peaceful afternoon.

I finished the test knit hat for Noah and you can see finished photos of it on instagram or ravelry.  I’m making more headway now on Wren’s like sleeves top, beginning on the front/bodice portion of it.  It is so lovely to knit with Cestari, even if it is primarily cotton.  This yarn is super soft and just so soothing moving through my fingers.

I just ordered the book Devoted by Tim Challies (affiliate link) with some birthday money and am excited to start it.  It’s a small book about the lives of the mothers of some of the most influential theologians and men of faith in history, and I’m curious and hungry for the mothering tune-up I so need.  I feel the need regularly to immerse myself in books that sharpen, encourage, and shape me as a mom since this is probably the most impactful and important work I will ever give myself to.  Still have a few other books on the go as well.

Anything good that you’re reading or working on lately?

Joining with Nicole’s weekly Crafting On and Ginny’s yarn along.

4 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. That sounds like a fabulous book- right up my alley! And the shirt is going to be precious. I love that picture of your little guy in his hat. He is SO adorable. All your children are!

    Yeah- I think you deserved the coffee. 😉 Have fun with your parents!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! My parents live nearby, but they were helping my little brother and his wife move across country so they needed a ride home from the airport after flying back. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words and yes I do think you’d enjoy this book! Small little snapshots of women, moms who were devoted to the Lord amidst various trying circumstances and only a couple of chapters in I’m already finding myself challenged and refocused and reminded of God’s faithfulness even in spite of our failures! ❤ How's summer going for you? How's the garden? 🙂

  2. Your knitting looks lovely! I am reading The Green Ember (it’s our current read aloud, but I just can’t put it down!) That books sounds great, I’m definitely going to have to check it out.

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