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I cast on this featherweight cardigan probably close to a year ago, and haven’t touched it since the summer, when pregnancy sickness set in, I suppose.  Suddenly the other day, it just popped into my brain that I probably hadn’t ordered enough yarn.  I couldn’t even remember what size of the sweater I was knitting, but suddenly I had that feeling of dread that I won’t have enough yarn to add length to the pattern like I had planned.  Since this is indie hand-dyed yarn by madelinetosh and she often discontinues colors as she comes up with new ones, I had a mild panic checking to see if this color way was still in stock (it is).  When I checked the pattern I realized I hadn’t even ordered enough yarn for the size I was knitting, let alone to add length to it.  What was wrong with my brain and why did this suddenly come to me now, almost a year later?  I have no idea.  It’s so strange how the brain works.  I suddenly needed to pick it up again, and have been knitting on it the past few days, now rotating skeins as I should have up until this point.  Hopefully the new skein that I ordered will look fairly similar and I won’t have to rip out and totally start over?

Phoebe and I have been reading A Wrinkle In Time, without any impetus from the forthcoming movie, which someone told me about after the fact.  I have never read the book before and Phoebe has the series on her shelf from one of her aunties, I think, and for some reason I’ve been interested in reading Madeleine d’Engle lately.  I don’t know if I’ve read any of her books!  I’m interested in reading  A Circle of Quiet next for myself, I think.  Any favorites of hers?

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