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My timber cardigan is currently blocking and I truly can’t wait for it to be dry and wearable (even though we are officially out of our cold weather months).  Since finishing it I have been working steadily on my pure shawl, hoping to finish it soon also.  It is now so bunched up on the needles I have no idea how large it is getting, since I added repeats to each section to make it a cozier bigger shawl.  It’ll be fun to bind off and let it spread its wings!  Hoping I didn’t go too crazy and end up making it into a blanket.  It’s a very simple, intuitive mindless knit which is wonderful at the end of these busy days when my brain feels fried.

I’m still reading Love in a Time of Homeschooling, and Phoebe and I are reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which I don’t believe I have ever read.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie growing up, but Phoebe was doing some copy work from the book in her writing curriculum and she was enchanted with the story so we’ll read it together.

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yarn along


I cast on this featherweight cardigan probably close to a year ago, and haven’t touched it since the summer, when pregnancy sickness set in, I suppose.  Suddenly the other day, it just popped into my brain that I probably hadn’t ordered enough yarn.  I couldn’t even remember what size of the sweater I was knitting, but suddenly I had that feeling of dread that I won’t have enough yarn to add length to the pattern like I had planned.  Since this is indie hand-dyed yarn by madelinetosh and she often discontinues colors as she comes up with new ones, I had a mild panic checking to see if this color way was still in stock (it is).  When I checked the pattern I realized I hadn’t even ordered enough yarn for the size I was knitting, let alone to add length to it.  What was wrong with my brain and why did this suddenly come to me now, almost a year later?  I have no idea.  It’s so strange how the brain works.  I suddenly needed to pick it up again, and have been knitting on it the past few days, now rotating skeins as I should have up until this point.  Hopefully the new skein that I ordered will look fairly similar and I won’t have to rip out and totally start over?

Phoebe and I have been reading A Wrinkle In Time, without any impetus from the forthcoming movie, which someone told me about after the fact.  I have never read the book before and Phoebe has the series on her shelf from one of her aunties, I think, and for some reason I’ve been interested in reading Madeleine d’Engle lately.  I don’t know if I’ve read any of her books!  I’m interested in reading  A Circle of Quiet next for myself, I think.  Any favorites of hers?

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Hello everyone!  I hope some of my readers are still around and have hung in there with me while I’ve been absent.  I hope to slowly get back into my usual blogging swing.  I have missed it!

I haven’t felt at all like doing anything creative since mid-June, so all my knitting projects have been put away for a time.  I’m just beginning to be able to look at patterns and yarn again and feel the tiniest nudge toward the creative bug, so I’m hoping my “making” juices start flowing again soon.  I have missed feeling like myself!  Apparently the children have missed it, too.  Noah told me the other day he misses when I used to knit, and all three children piled their birthday knitting requests on me.  (Sweaters!  Mittens!  Socks!)

The weather has shifted ever so slightly in our area, cooler mornings and evenings and days.  The song of fall is whispering on the wind and I can hear it better this year than ever before because all through my sick and depressed days of pregnancy, I knew fall would be the time when I would get back on my feet again.  Fall is my favorite season because it is so beautiful and glorious in every way in the mountains of NC, but the best part is anticipating winter!  I’m a winter girl through and through.  I love bundling up, I love fires and steaming mugs, cozy slippers, red cheeks and noses, snow and even the barren landscapes.  I’m looking forward to it more than ever this year!

After a long hiatus in my project bag, I’ve picked up my Winterwoods ABC Cross-stitch sampler in anticipation of the coming fall season.  Sometimes I only have the energy to stitch a few little x’s before I set it down, but I’m reinvigorated to finish and frame it.  We were hustled moving into our home, and had a few house projects to do after we moved in before we could begin settling things in their places, and then this surprise pregnancy stopped me right in my home-organizing tracks.  I’m beginning to feel up to the task of settling into this home and making it ours, and this little sampler brings me such joy every time I see it.  Truly cannot wait to find a spot for it!  I originally stitched it intending it for Philippa’s room, but we’ll see.  It’s the second ABC sampler I’ve done from Alicia Paulson and everything she designs is so lovely.

I have been reading just a little on my own, but not as much as usual.  Phoebe and I have been reading this beautifully illustrated version of The Secret Garden from our library.  We’re both really enjoying it, but for some reason I am aching to read E. B. White’s The Trumpet of the Swan to her in the fall season.  I haven’t read it since I was a child but it has been calling to me, so I’m eager to get through the Secret Garden this month for sure.

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DSC_0042 (1).jpg

Phoebe and I did school yesterday sprawled out on a blanket under a great spreading maple in our backyard.  We began reading The Penderwicks.  I’m not even sure what led me to this book but I remember hearing somewhere along the way recommendations of it.  We’ve been listening to The Little House on the Prairie series on audio books, too, and Phoebe’s been re-inspired to run through the yard with her bonnet strings dangling around her neck like Laura.

I’m still not reading much lately.  Odd for me, I know,  but by the time evening comes and I’m free to read I just don’t have much brain power left.  I’m in need of some light hearted stories, so if you have any book recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

I’ve mainly been working on my waterrock vest for the Appalachian Knits spring KAL that I’m participating in.  The designer of the pattern is my friend from middle + high school days, Jennifer, and she is the one who taught me to knit!  So it’s really fun working on her pattern.  Everything she makes is gorgeous.  I’ve almost finished the body and ready to begin arm hole shaping.  I’m adding another inch or so to the body since this is a cotton/linen blend yarn and I plan to wash/dry it, so I’m adding length to account for shrinkage.  Plus I have a long torso, I think.  Anyway, I’m really enjoying knitting it.  I’ve started some socks for Phoebe too and I plan to knit a couple pairs for each of the kids and eventually a pair for myself too.

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I cast on for Noah’s birthday sweater on Sunday to have it ready for our long day of driving on Monday, taking Phoebe 2.5 hrs away to Brenner Children’s Hospital to their celiac center.  She has hit a more major setback in her healing and our medical team locally is recommending we go to the experts.  It is good for me to keep my nose in the books and my hands busy with gift knitting.  I learned how to knit about a year ago, and I am pretty sure I have knitted every day since learning in October of 2015.  It has now become so much a part of my evening routine that it’s hard to remember what I did before.  I am so thankful for it.

Anyway, I am knitting the Wyatt sweater for Noah in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.  I have hit the point where the pattern is established and it’s now just about 10 inches of knitting ahead.  I love this yarn.  I still need to finish the hood on Phoebe’s sweater and order buttons for both of them, but I wanted to get going on Noah’s sweater as the pattern is more difficult and his birthday comes a few days sooner than Phoebe’s.

I’m still reading Missional Motherhood and on the last chapter or so of Hope Heals, both so good.  The kids and I are addicted to chapter book read aloud time together.  I love that Noah is joining in on it, and because the kids cheer so when I say it’s time to read, Philippa is getting in on the fun, too.  We usually read all together after lunch and before naps/quiet time, so Philippa lays on me some days and sucks her thumb quietly and listens to the chapter book after we read picture books.  We finished Island of the Blue Dolphins recently  which we all enjoyed, and didn’t realize it is based on a true story.  Phoebe has been playing that she is Karana ever since.  We started My Side of the Mountain, which they are enjoying.  I couldn’t resist also starting Little Women with Phoebe, since it is that time of year when I watch the movie over and over again.  I have never read the book though, as far as I can remember, and it is delicious.  It’s so fun to share these things with my girl!

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On last sleeve of this sweater.  Almost done!

I’ve been reading Indian Captive to Phoebe for our read aloud.  It is based on the true story of Mary Jemison who was captured and raised by the Seneca Indians from early childhood.  It has been admittedly a bit intense and emotional at a couple of points, in my opinion, and I’ve asked Phoebe throughout if she still wants to read it or if it’s too sad.  She has pled with me to keep going and doesn’t seem bothered by the hardship Mary faced.  We are about two chapters to finishing and both can’t wait to see what is going to happen.  It is a book I will probably make a mental note to revisit when we talk about this period in history, as it is a true story and deals with so many of the emotions and difficulties and prejudices of the Native American/White people conflict.  It has been powerful to gently talk with Phoebe about Mary’s response to difficulty and to adoption by the Native Americans.

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Still working on my precious cowl, my first venture into lace + I really love it.

Still reading My Antonia but also reading The Railway Children with phoebe while the other kids are napping and I love this book so much.  I can’t remember if I ever made it through the whole thing as a child, but it is actually quite engaging for me now.  I find myself looking forward to snuggling up with Phoebe and finding out what these three delightful children will be up to next.  I especially like that they are good figures for Phoebe to look up to: adventurous, looking out for the interests of others, honest, helpful, loving and compassionate, while trying to solve the difficult circumstances they find themselves in.  It gives us some simple talking points about behaviors that we admire and want to cultivate in our own home.  Mostly though, we just read it and I let her draw her own conclusions. 🙂  This old copy was given to me as a child by my grandpa on my tenth birthday so it’s a treasure and we love the watercolor paintings that accompany the story.

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I’m joining up with Ginny Sheller’s yarn along today.  So, my first knitting attempt was a flop.  I was using the wrong size needle + probably the wrong sized yarn,  but I still learned a ton.  For those of you who wanted to see how it turned out, here it is:
DSC_0038 DSC_0039

I could probably keep extending down the sides of it and make it into a real hat but that’s for another day.  To redeem myself, I tried the pattern again with a chunky yarn + the right sized needles and within a day knitted up this sweet little hat for my daughter.
DSC_0108 DSC_0103

I still need to weave in the ends + attach ties somehow but otherwise it’s done + I love it!  She seems to, also.  My other kiddos all want one now.  It’s a really easy fun pattern + I’m ready to try something a little harder!  I’m probably going to try one other kind of child’s bonnet + maybe attempt my first shawl.

I am reading a couple of books right now, still finishing the last chapter of Jewel’s memoir + a starting on 7 Women: And the Secret of their greatness by Eric Metaxas.  I’m really enjoying reading this version of Anne of Green Gables to my Phoebe girl.  She loves a good chapter book with beautiful illustrations, and I love sitting to read with her when I can!