yarn along


I’ve been knitting this baby blanket for our little girl, coming the last week of February.  I’m not a great lace knitter, I don’t think, in that I don’t really have much practice knitting from charts and in order to follow of line of instructions I really need total focus.  I’m not to the point where I can memorize lace.  Thus, I must have quiet to work on this blanket!  Sometimes I can do more mindless knitting while I do school with Phoebe.  This project is something I can only work on when the kids are in bed at night and I’m not watching something I’m terribly interested in.  That being said, I absolutely love working on it and wish I had bigger chunks of time to do so!  I am adding one extra lace repeat on the side and bottom to make the blanket a bit bigger.  I already love how it’s looking and can’t wait to see it block out when it’s done.  Knitting with Quince & Co. is always a treat!  (Brandon graciously let me indulge on yarn for this project.)

I’m reading A Circle of Quiet for the first time.  Just a few pages in, really, but enjoying and commiserating with her reflections on motherhood and creativity.  Often find myself craving my own little circle of quiet.  These days, even though I attempt to rise earlier than the kids, Philippa’s little ears seem to hear my coffee brewing on the stove and she always creeps out with tousled hair to snuggle with me in the dark while I read.  So few moments truly quiet + alone.  I ache to spend more time writing, as I used to, but feel like there is so little time in these busy days, and my brain is going in so many directions that the work of focus has become quite a labor.  I know that there are seasons of producing in our lives and also seasons where seeds are lying dormant in the soil doing the necessary work of waiting in the dark.  Good things will grow eventually, and we must be patient with the process and not always ancy for the fruit.  Each day and season has its own gifts to be enjoyed and thorns to handle.

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2 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. I am reading that book right now also! So far it is lovely, I agree. And I can so relate to YOUR words too- I ache also for quiet time to reflect, think and write and yet the busy days do not afford me those things right now. But as you say, now is not the season to bear that particular fruit.

    The blanket is so lovely! I can’t wait to see it blocked up! I hope these latter weeks of pregnancy are going well for you…when do we get to see that belly?!?!

  2. Beautiful lace knit pattern. And I love the color. And that kind person holding it for you to photograph. 🙂

    Whew. Alone time. When I pull away, even if just in mind and spirit, to craft, I feel I’m being torn to pieces and tearing the family to pieces. I just hate that feeling. I’m doing it more this January, though, and finding new life kind of growing into the tears I’ve made? Somehow? Wow, do I not have the answer to this dilemma, though. Anyway…

    Best blessings,

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