As you can tell, I’m not a very enthusiastic mom about halloween. 🙂  I wish I was more creative in this regard, with hilarious family-themed costumes, something witty or smart, but it’s just not my strong point.  I mean, I spent the whole day yesterday with my shirt inside out and didn’t even realize it until evening.  This is where I’m at, people.  Barely able to manage my own grooming.  (I sure admire all of you witty, smart, creative fellow-moms, though!)  Maybe next year?  I just didn’t care that much this year to pull something together, especially being that we don’t plan to trick-or-treat with phoebe anyway.  Thankfully, the kids didn’t really care either.  She did want to dress up, so I told the kids they could dress however they wanted and we would at least go for a walk around our neighborhood when daddy got home.  Philippa was not having it at all, though she wore the kitty headband for a few minutes before chucking it.  Noah really wanted to be Batman this year, as opposed to last year when he was terrified of his costume.  I had previously bought some special candy/chocolate that the kids can have, and so I told them each to bring their little treat bag on our walk and I filled it as we went.  We just enjoyed a quiet evening and a beautiful walk, and came home to warm pork chili stew + fresh cheddar biscuits.  I think we are the only family in the neighborhood with young kids, and we didn’t go knock on any doors, but one neighbor saw us and ran to grab some treats for the kids.  Another drove by in her car to “catch” us and gave candy to the kids.  Super sweet.  As we walked up our driveway, our young-married-couple neighbors were just getting home, and so we chatted with them a bit and they gave the kids candy, too.  So I guess we did trick-or-treat after all.  It was the most chill and supremely simple halloween to date.  We hope you had a happy one, too!


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