halloween fun

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The sweetest halloween.  We aren’t huge halloween people, but children do love to dress up and to go door-to-door asking for candy, so we allow it.  I never want to spend much  (or anything) on costumes but I did buy noah’s costume (second hand), which he really loved, though I had tried hard to convince him to be a lumber jack so we could have a woodland theme (with Phoebe being a wood fairy).  I knitted a little mushroom cap and neck piece for Wren and a fox bonnet for Philippa from scrap yarn.  Phoebe put her own costume together and when she was looking at pictures with me she said, “Oh I really did look beautiful.”  I thought that was so precious, and I hope she always thinks that when she sees pictures of herself.

Wren was an absolute hoot to trick-or-treat with.  Every other time I’ve put the hat on her she has pulled it off but she this time she must have gathered that it was dress-up and she totally loved it.  She wanted to run up to the houses just like the big kids and she would eagerly yell out some form of “trick-or-treat,” and happily wave “bye” and say “dee-doo” (thank you) for candy.  She loved having her own “basket” to carry and didn’t want any help.  Though heavy rains and thunderstorms were forecasted we had clear weather and it got pretty cold by the end of the evening.  We don’t keep any of the candy we gather, Brandon ends up taking it to work, and I trade it out for the kids with candy and chocolate from the health food store that is certified GF and such.  They don’t mind a bit and are good sports about it.

Now, we are into November, and what a beautiful start to the month it has been.  I hope you all had a safe, fun and happy Halloween.

paying attention

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I seem to be always so behind in posting updates about our little days here.  It’s been weeks since Halloween, but here are a few snapshots from that day.  We don’t make a huge fuss of the holiday, since we don’t allow the kiddos to eat anything they would pick up trick-or-treating, and because funds are tight and I don’t care to invest much in short-lived costumes.  There is so much Phoebe already misses out on, so I do try to make an effort for her to participate in as many things as I’m able.  I picked out some candies for the kids from our local health food store, things that were certified GF and also free of dyes and corn syrup, etc.  We carved pumpkins, each of them picking out their own design and helping however they wanted in the process.  Noah was batman for maybe the third year in a row?  I didn’t mind one bit.  That costume was a good buy. 🙂  Phoebe wanted to be Sacagawea, but changed her mind to being Kaya (her American girl doll) at the last minute.  I had wanted to make her a simple cute fawn costume since she is obsessed with deer/fawns, but.. the indian costume was fine, already available.  Philippa was a little kitty, one of her favorite animals to pretend to be anyway.  We let them trick-or-treat around our block, since this is the first time we’ve lived anywhere with neighbors close by to even be able to trick-or-treat.  We traded their collected candy with my previously purchased goods, and handed out candy to a few neighbors who came by. The rest of the “junk candy” leftover I gave to Brandon to share with guys at work or dump.

We’ve finished up a semester of school with our co-op, though Phoebe and I will carry on with school through part of December to try and get as much done before baby comes in February and interrupts our rhythms a bit.  The blustery and sometimes dreary November days have kept us inside sometimes, cuddling under blankets and piles of books or hand crafts.  Our days feel full to the brim with schooling, errands, house work, playdates, library and park visits, playing outside, house projects, etc.  Slowly we go, it seems.  Some days I love the simplicity, somedays the mundane gets to me.  But always, I treasure this season with these little ones growing so fast.

We are entering birthday season in the midst of holiday season, and I’m often looking at these little ones with misty eyes.  Another year, already?  How it flies by, while feeling all the while like it’s crawling along maddeningly.  Philippa turns three this week, and I’ve been busy planning and ordering her gifts, hoping everything arrives in time for her day.    These days grow so full and busy and I’m always striving for ways to slow it down and hang on to the end of the year, trying to savor it all before it finishes.  I remember Ann Voskamp’s old well-worn words, that we weigh moments down with our attention.  So I’m trying to pay close attention to this day, this moment, to really see it–to know it is fleeting.  To slow down and see: how Philippa is still two years old for two more days, the way the light moves across the room throughout the day, their laughter in the chilly air, our quiet walks over crunching leaves, the boredom and the glory all rolled somehow together into one.



As you can tell, I’m not a very enthusiastic mom about halloween. 🙂  I wish I was more creative in this regard, with hilarious family-themed costumes, something witty or smart, but it’s just not my strong point.  I mean, I spent the whole day yesterday with my shirt inside out and didn’t even realize it until evening.  This is where I’m at, people.  Barely able to manage my own grooming.  (I sure admire all of you witty, smart, creative fellow-moms, though!)  Maybe next year?  I just didn’t care that much this year to pull something together, especially being that we don’t plan to trick-or-treat with phoebe anyway.  Thankfully, the kids didn’t really care either.  She did want to dress up, so I told the kids they could dress however they wanted and we would at least go for a walk around our neighborhood when daddy got home.  Philippa was not having it at all, though she wore the kitty headband for a few minutes before chucking it.  Noah really wanted to be Batman this year, as opposed to last year when he was terrified of his costume.  I had previously bought some special candy/chocolate that the kids can have, and so I told them each to bring their little treat bag on our walk and I filled it as we went.  We just enjoyed a quiet evening and a beautiful walk, and came home to warm pork chili stew + fresh cheddar biscuits.  I think we are the only family in the neighborhood with young kids, and we didn’t go knock on any doors, but one neighbor saw us and ran to grab some treats for the kids.  Another drove by in her car to “catch” us and gave candy to the kids.  Super sweet.  As we walked up our driveway, our young-married-couple neighbors were just getting home, and so we chatted with them a bit and they gave the kids candy, too.  So I guess we did trick-or-treat after all.  It was the most chill and supremely simple halloween to date.  We hope you had a happy one, too!


make the best of it

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Well, this week has been full of messed up plans and interruptions.  We had to nix our original plans for Halloween because of a sick little baby girl, and are opting instead to stay in tonight and do cozy things at home.  I have some crafty things planned for the kiddos should boredom set in. 🙂 We did, however force encourage them to get their costumes on and go trick-or-treating at their grandparents house a few minutes away where gluten-free treats were sure to abound.  Batman felt rather unhappy about it at first, but brightened at the prospect of candy.  The dark knight descended upon their house with his usual charm, as did Elsa, who, unlike her screen personality, is always in a good mood.  The ladybug stayed home with her snotty nose and her pumpkins, and snuggled with momma.  Thanks to the man of the house for snapping most of the pictures above!

Happy Halloween, everyone!