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I know I said I wouldn’t cast on anything until I finished birthday sweaters, but Phoebe’s sweater has gotten to such a size as to be difficult to take on-the-go, so I simply *had* to have a smaller project on the needles in the meantime.  I cast on these fingerless mitts on Sunday and have already almost finished the first one.  It is a very therapeutic knit for me, and I have loved the pattern!  I am using some of Ginny’s own indigo-dyed yarn, a merino sport weight, which I bought back in the summer and have been dying to use.  I’m still learning a lot about pairing which yarns with which patterns, and how different fibers behave, so I’m not always confident in my choices.  But this is how one learns, I suppose!  I am so happy to be knitting with Ginny’s yarn at last, it is truly beautiful and I love the subtle variations in color.

I finished Falling Free last night and began Missional Motherhood, which I bought with some birthday money back in June.  I will review Falling Free soon (spoiler alert: go buy it.  LOVE.) but Missional Motherhood is one I am reading just for pleasure, because I will read everything Gloria Furman writes, for all of time.  I’m enjoying it already, only a couple of chapters in.  I feel like I need a “mothering” tune-up of sorts, a refocusing, every few months (at least), as this is my full-time and most important work.  I know I can trust Gloria to offer that.  She is impeccable at bringing heady theology down into the nitty gritty mundane of our everyday lives.

I’m joining up with Ginny’s weekly yarn along today.

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    1. Hi Kimberly! Yes, the name of the pattern is “antiquity” by Alicia Plummer, I believe. If you click the link in this post it should take you to my ravelry page and you can click over to the pattern from there.

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