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Hello everyone!  I hope some of my readers are still around and have hung in there with me while I’ve been absent.  I hope to slowly get back into my usual blogging swing.  I have missed it!

I haven’t felt at all like doing anything creative since mid-June, so all my knitting projects have been put away for a time.  I’m just beginning to be able to look at patterns and yarn again and feel the tiniest nudge toward the creative bug, so I’m hoping my “making” juices start flowing again soon.  I have missed feeling like myself!  Apparently the children have missed it, too.  Noah told me the other day he misses when I used to knit, and all three children piled their birthday knitting requests on me.  (Sweaters!  Mittens!  Socks!)

The weather has shifted ever so slightly in our area, cooler mornings and evenings and days.  The song of fall is whispering on the wind and I can hear it better this year than ever before because all through my sick and depressed days of pregnancy, I knew fall would be the time when I would get back on my feet again.  Fall is my favorite season because it is so beautiful and glorious in every way in the mountains of NC, but the best part is anticipating winter!  I’m a winter girl through and through.  I love bundling up, I love fires and steaming mugs, cozy slippers, red cheeks and noses, snow and even the barren landscapes.  I’m looking forward to it more than ever this year!

After a long hiatus in my project bag, I’ve picked up my Winterwoods ABC Cross-stitch sampler in anticipation of the coming fall season.  Sometimes I only have the energy to stitch a few little x’s before I set it down, but I’m reinvigorated to finish and frame it.  We were hustled moving into our home, and had a few house projects to do after we moved in before we could begin settling things in their places, and then this surprise pregnancy stopped me right in my home-organizing tracks.  I’m beginning to feel up to the task of settling into this home and making it ours, and this little sampler brings me such joy every time I see it.  Truly cannot wait to find a spot for it!  I originally stitched it intending it for Philippa’s room, but we’ll see.  It’s the second ABC sampler I’ve done from Alicia Paulson and everything she designs is so lovely.

I have been reading just a little on my own, but not as much as usual.  Phoebe and I have been reading this beautifully illustrated version of The Secret Garden from our library.  We’re both really enjoying it, but for some reason I am aching to read E. B. White’s The Trumpet of the Swan to her in the fall season.  I haven’t read it since I was a child but it has been calling to me, so I’m eager to get through the Secret Garden this month for sure.

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