make the best of it

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Well, this week has been full of messed up plans and interruptions.  We had to nix our original plans for Halloween because of a sick little baby girl, and are opting instead to stay in tonight and do cozy things at home.  I have some crafty things planned for the kiddos should boredom set in. 🙂 We did, however force encourage them to get their costumes on and go trick-or-treating at their grandparents house a few minutes away where gluten-free treats were sure to abound.  Batman felt rather unhappy about it at first, but brightened at the prospect of candy.  The dark knight descended upon their house with his usual charm, as did Elsa, who, unlike her screen personality, is always in a good mood.  The ladybug stayed home with her snotty nose and her pumpkins, and snuggled with momma.  Thanks to the man of the house for snapping most of the pictures above!

Happy Halloween, everyone!