yarn along

Knitting the Kiruna shawl has taken a bit longer than I expected. As it has grown, the weight and feel of the yarn on my lap has been a balm. It is quite warm so on the hottest of days it is best to work on it in the cool of the evening. I made some mistakes in the lace section a couple of times and had to rip back and repair, so I took some breaks in knitting it but I am nearly to the end now. Initially I was knitting this as part of a knit-along, but that has since ended and I still knit on. I don’t mind, projects take the time needed to come to completion and I knit what I enjoy, so no matter what I’m working on or how long it takes, it’s all good. I will need to break into the third skein tonight for the last few rows and then it should be done. Even though it’s hard to imagine cold days ahead with today’s heat nearing the 90s, I know this shawl will be a warm and woolly companion come winter.

I finished At Home in Mitford and immediately began A Light in the Window. I finally see why these books have the readership that they do! Very enjoyable and calming.

What are the hot August days like for you? What are you inspired to make and to read?
Sending much love from these gentle North Carolina mountains!


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