yarn along

Today is the very last of August and rains from hurricane Ida should reach us soon. We are ready for a couple of cozy days hunkering down and entering our second week of school. Though it has continued to be very hot and humid here, I am knitting away and starting to plan for fall items for the children as well as birthday sweaters. Actually, some small items such as hats and socks have been in my plans since last winter but it’s taken me this long to get to them. One such long-awaited project is the Old Growth cardigan I’m knitting currently for Wren. This one is flying off my needles and I forgot again how quickly baby/child knits can go when you devote time to them. I should have this finished in the next few days I suppose, and though she doesn’t need it yet, it will be ready for the first cool days of fall. Maybe we can usher them in sooner! I’m knitting with Ozetta’s 100% Columbia wool and it is super cozy, warm, thick and soft. Wren is very excited and loves to see her momma knitting for her.

Meanwhile I’m continuing to read A Light in the Window and am getting close to finishing it.

What are you working on these last Indian days of summer? What are you reading, knitting, or making?



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