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It’s October and my soul is so happy to welcome this most favorite and beautiful month. I haven’t been posting here because I’ve had computer troubles. Our very old desktop which I use to post this blog and to store my photos is finally dying. It will no longer open WordPress, and I’ve been having issues downloading photos from my camera. Boy do I have some catching up to do! But I’m not sure when or if it will ever happen. My phone is also having issues and wouldn’t let me email this photo to myself so that I could post it via Brandon’s laptop. All that to say, I’m bummed to have been so absent in this space and I miss blogging, but I’m not really sure what the future holds in that regard.

However, I finally figured out a way to get at least this post up! I have been knitting away on a new cast on that I’ve been contemplating for some time. I purchased this beautiful Wensleydale yarn from Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co a few years ago and have had trouble knowing what to knit with it because I only have two skeins. Of course it would have made a beautiful shawl, but I wanted a garment. So, I’m attempting to knit the brightfeather sweater but I’m playing some serious yarn chicken, so my tentative plan is to make it short-sleeved. We’ll see how it goes! One of the loveliest things about knitting is that if a project doesn’t work, one can always rip it out and reuse the yarn for something else.

I’ve been reading the third book in the Mitford series, These High Green Hills, and enjoying it. Also, I’ve been intermittently reading Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson, and have enjoyed it also. I was drawn to it because of the connections she makes between plants and the spiritual concept of humility. It’s a library book that is overdue so I need to finish it pronto!

So if you’re still here and reading along despite my spotty blogging as of late, I’d love to hear what you are making and reading lately?

Hope you are well, friends.


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3 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. I love all of Jennifer Steingass’ patterns. I knit Fern and Feather and am in the process of knitting Dreyma. Those colors you have are gorgeous.

    1. Thank you! I love the colors too, reminds me of snow. I just separated for sleeves last night and can’t wait to see it come together and try it on soon! I love all of Jennifer Steingass’ patterns too but this is the first one I’ve knit! Both of the ones you mentioned are beautiful, too! Happy knitting.

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