yarn along


Rain has been drizzling off and on here all day, now it pours in buckets from the gray October sky.  A torrent rushes out from the gutter on the garage roof.  The light is gloomy so it was hard to capture the color of this beautiful yarn accurately.  It is a dark mustard-y chartreuse, more golden yellow than is showing here.  I’ve worked on a few small baby items this week but mostly have been working on my featherweight cardigan.  It isn’t necessarily knitting up quickly, but I am enjoying every minute of it.  This lovely yarn from John Arbon is wonderful to have in hand.  It feels a bit different than anything I’ve knit with before, but I do really like it.

I’m still reading Beauty for Truth’s Sake, last night reveling in the theology of geometry.  I’m not a mathematician and this book is a mind-bender in the sleepy late evening hours, but it is still accessible to me.  Oh, to study any realm of the world and find in it Christ, the cross, the great Architect writing His design into all things.  It’s breathtaking.

Also, I pre-ordered a copy of Christina Deanne’s book Modern Heritage Knits.  She is a local-to-me designer (though I believe she just moved) and I’ve knit one of her patterns before, the Minaret crop, which I love.  There are so many patterns in this book that I want to knit so I felt it was worth purchasing!  It has been lovely to slowly flip through and savor it.  I don’t purchase many knitting books or magazines (though I wish I could!) and its nice to have something I can enjoy leisurely and knit from when I can.

Do comment below and share with me what you’re making or reading this week!

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2 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Oh my goodness. I love everything about this photo! I can see the color that you are describing in that yarn. And the knitting book looks dreamy. I don’t purchase a lot of new books (I’m more of a used book person and only if I’ve checked it out from the library first and find that I love what ever the book is). But I love a new book. There’s something about being the first person to touch the book, open it, make your mark on it.

    I’m still in a reading/knitting slump but I’m hoping to get out of it soon!

  2. I don’t buy a lot of new books either so it’s always such a treat! Especially one full of patterns that doesn’t make me feel like I have to rush and knit something before it’s due back at the library. 🙂 I understand the knitting/reading slump, I hope the desire to do those things returns soon! Maybe with the cooler weather. 🙂

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