yarn along


This past weekend we went to a lake house a couple of hours away.  I thought I would get more knitting done than I did (as all knitters think when they go out of town).  I did make a bit more progress on my nordiska and it’ll be ready to wear as soon as the weather starts to require it.  After months and months of hibernating, my marley shawl project did get some attention.  Suddenly I’m re-inspired to work on it.  It is really quite far along and with a few weeks of devotion I know I would have it off my needles.  It’s one I love knitting but also really can’t wait to wear.  Brioche is both relaxing and easy but also requires some light focus and attention.

The kiddos and I were reading from Parables from Nature this morning and I so enjoy this book, as do they.  Not only do we learn more about some facet of nature (this morning, honeybees) but also the stories are so rich and full of meaning while being highly engaging.  We are always left with so much to think on and discuss.  I’m still reading Beauty for Truth’s Sake and will be for some time as it is a really slow/chewing sort of read for me.

Joining with Nicole’s Crafting On.

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