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Last week was hard with some unforeseen life circumstances that I’m still reeling from.  My knitting also seems to have had a rough week.  I guess it’s good for people to remember as well as myself that life isn’t always smooth and easy and neither are our knitting projects, right?  I love when I have a project on the go that is easy to pick up and work on, something that’s cruising along smoothly.  But the reality is that sometimes a project is troublesome and frustrating.  Anyway, I had picked up my campside shawl and was nearly done with it but somehow I had made a mistake and my stitch count was off significantly enough for the eyelet design to be off kilter.  I tried to improvise and see if I could make it work but after nearly finishing, I had to admit to myself it was bothering me too much.  So, rip rip rip.  I’ve started over.  It’s always hard to rip out hours and hours of work, but the reality is I’d like a better finished product so it’s worth it.  Plus, it’s enjoyable to knit so I can’t complain too much.

Then I tried to cast on a Like Sleeves top for Wren in some Quince + Co Tern that I have, but it doesn’t look like I’ll have quite enough yarn.  So, then I picked up some Cestari sock collection cotton/wool blend yarn at a local yarn store and have cast on again for the Like Sleeves top.  I decided to cast on the 12 month size for some reason but am kicking myself because she’s only 4 months and I’m wanting it to fit her now, so maybe I will rip out and cast on for the 6 month size, or more likely I will just decrease and call it good.  Sigh.

Not much reading happening, am waiting on some library books to be available, but in the meantime I am reading Begin Again for review.  I can’t say I’m into it quite yet, but I have heard others recommend it.

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2 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Hi, I love your knitting! You always inspire me to knitI This may sound terrible, but it inspires me to know that you professional knitters have your troubles sometimes too. Thank you for sharing the trials. I wanted to recommend a couple of great reads if you haven’t already them. One is “Kisses From Katie” by Katie Davis and the other is her second book “Daring To Hope” by Katie Davis Majors (she got married). They are wonderful reads. She is a missionary to Uganda. I lave been so blessed by her books!

    1. Aw thank you for those kind words of encouragement. I am so NOT a professional knitter, but yes I realized that sometimes I only share projects that are tracking along nicely. The benefit to sharing my knitting/reading adventures weekly is that some weeks are just not smooth! SO hopefully you and others and myself remember that mistakes and projects that just don’t work out are also part of “making” and shouldn’t discourage us too much. I hope you do pick up some knitting! And thank you for the book recommendations. I have been meaning to read Katie Davis’ books for a while, thanks for reminding me!

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