a birthday shawl


I bought this yarn with birthday money, catching one of Ginny’s summer yarn updates.  I always swoon over what she makes, she has such great taste!

The yarn is gorgeous, naturally dyed but with the most beautiful speckles.  Truly, I don’t know how she does it!  It is such a bright and happy color, and the yarn is really lightweight making the shawl feel airy and summery.  The yarn is 100% american wool, single ply fingering weight, very soft yet with a rustic feel to it.

I knit the antarktis shawl pattern, which I’ve knitted twice before for gifts, and it is sheer enjoyment to knit.  I modified the pattern a bit by adding some repeats, wanting to use as much yarn as possible.  I cast off before adding much of a lace border, thinking to save a bit of yarn to maybe add a couple of tassels on the corners of the shawl.  Should I?  I can’t tell.  I think I like it how it is.

I finished the shawl a week ago or so, and slipped outside after a shower to take a few pictures in the last light of the day, thus my wet hair and glasses.  I have been grabbing this shawl often in the early mornings or late evenings for a luxurious simple summery wrap and I love it so, so much.

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