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Who else is still gift knitting?!  I finished Noah’s sweater a couple nights ago, blocked it early yesterday morning and hoping it finishes drying today so I can wrap it up tonight.  (His birthday is tomorrow).  I bought this yarn for Brandon for a beanie (his most preferred knitted item) awhile ago and have been keeping it a secret knit, so I can only work on it during the day when he’s not here.  I typically knit at night after the kids are in bed, so it’s harder to fit in daytime knitting but I’m squeezing in little bits here and there and hope to have this done by Christmas eve!  (I plan to put it in his stocking).  I made two beanies from this pattern before for my sister and brother-in-law, and Brandon really liked the fit of it, and he loves sort of a burnt orange/brown color, so I think this will be a hit.  There are a couple other small knitted items for Phoebe that I want to make, but if it doesn’t happen before Christmas it’s really not a big deal.  I thought she’d enjoy opening a hand knit sweater for her American girl doll, and also we are giving her her first (real) bible for her birthday and I wanted to knit a special bookmark for it.  Also, she’s been asking for a bonnet for a long time and I found a free pattern that I think would work with the yarn I have leftover from her vertebrae cardigan, but again, that doesn’t necessarily have to happen before Christmas.  Phoebe is the most fun to knit for, as she truly appreciates my hand knits about as much as I do!

I’m still reading and enjoying Housewife Theologian (affiliate link).  I don’t anticipate much reading happening this week, as we are entering a busy week of two birthdays and then Christmas.

For whoever else is still trying to wrap up those last hand made gifts, cheers to you and I hope you enjoy every minute of making!  Tis the season.

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