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I have been saving and treasuring this naturally-dyed yarn I bought from Ginny Sheller a couple of years ago (after knitting the antiquity mittens with it).  As soon as I knew we were having a girl, I wanted to knit her a newborn camilla sweater in this yarn, hoping I have enough leftover.  I did make some mods to the pattern, as it calls for worsted weight yarn and this yarn is sport.  But I wanted to sweater to be smaller and fit more true to newborn size, so this worked out well.  I didn’t think I would have enough for long sleeves, so I followed another knitters mods for short sleeves with the fan pattern repeated on the sleeves.  Anyway, I bound it off last night and am so happy with it!  I still have a small ball of yarn leftover.  I haven’t blocked it yet, but I couldn’t wait to snap a couple photos of it.  I love the subtle tonal nature of the yarn and it is so soft.  Can’t wait to see a baby snuggled up in hand knits!

Also, I’m pretending I’m reading The Wild Truth.  🙂  I read Into the Wild years ago when it first came out, and just recently heard that McCandless’ sister had written this book telling more of the story of their family life which drove her brother to such extremes.  I was curious to read it, of course, but the only chance I really have to read is in bed at night.  I’ve had a hard time picking it up because I guess I’m worried it will be distressing with tales of fatherly abuse, and I’m not sure I can emotionally handle those sorts of things before falling asleep at night.  I used to be able to read things without it really phasing me–somethings changed!  Is it motherhood?  Or adulthood?  Is it just knowing more about the darkness of the world and the frailty of life?  I don’t know but I’m definitely more sensitive to things that could be potentially depressing or fear-inducing.  Anyway, I do hope to read it but technically haven’t started yet. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Oh that is so cute – I’ve made a long sleeved version for a tiny new baby and then had to make one for my daughter because I enjoyed the pattern so much!

  2. The sweater is beautiful! Hooray for Baby Girl!! I am definitely partial to blue anyway, but that yarn is lovely! Since marriage I have noticed myself becoming more sensitive to dysfunctional intimate relationships in books or movies, and stories about hurting or broken families make my heart break more powerfully than ever before. I do not enjoy the heartbreak, but I do appreciate the perspective it brings – illuminating my own need for Christ, and the desire for healing for all the world. I didn’t know there was a follow up to the McCandless story! Will be interested to hear whether you recommend it.

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