i’ll let phoebe tell you…

Eee!  I am truly surprised, we all are.  We weren’t sure if we would find out baby’s gender this time around, and I kept going back and forth about it until Brandon said, “We’re just not those people who wait.”  I laughed.. well, so be it.  I think it’s good for us to know ahead–gives the kiddos time to wrap their minds around it–and me too!  I’m super shocked.  We had the 20 wk ultrasound on Tuesday, and everything looks good with the baby.  That’s always the biggest relief, and so fun to watch baby waving and wiggling and kicking.  We thought we’d do something more fancy for a gender reveal but Phoebe was begging me all day to open the envelope, and in reality, I don’t have much energy for fancy things lately.  It seemed fitting to just let her open it after dinner Tuesday evening and share the news together intimately as a family first.  So, there you have it.  I’ve already cast on the first baby knit!  Somehow “knowing” helps me want to knit for baby.

4 thoughts on “i’ll let phoebe tell you…”

  1. yay! Congratulations! That is the cutest response ever from Pheobe. If only everyone in the world would be so excited when a new baby was coming! Noah will certainly get used to the idea and he’ll probably wind up being her biggest fan in the end. 😉

  2. Unreal! Totally thought it was a boy too! Congratulations you guys ❤ you and Brandon create the cutest little ladies. So excited to love on her (in my own birthday month too!). Ps. Brandon was cracking me up… I can just hear him thinking, keep your cool.. don't get mad at Noah.. your on camera dude. Love the realness of your reveal. So very special!

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