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I finished Mere Motherhood a few days ago and just so so enjoyed it.  I highly recommend it for any mom who is at least a year or so into homeschooling.  I think if I had read it before homeschooling I might not have quite commiserated with the author or found it so humorous.  Maybe it would have freaked me out.  I rarely laugh out loud at a book, but I was stifling fits of laughter in bed when reading this one on multiple occasions.  The author has 9 children, 8 boys and 1 girl, and she chronicles her homeschooling journey from the very beginning up to present.  I resonated with so much of what she shared, her struggle to find her philosophy of education, her parenting and housekeeping woes in the midst of schooling and pregnancy and new babies and life’s constant change.  It was truly a joy to read, a help in so many ways encouraging me toward the things that truly matter as a mother and homeschooler.  Reading the final chapters where she shares about the teen years reminded to me to really enjoy and engage in this present seasons with little ones!  I found her book to be gritty, honest, humorous, helpful, and I couldn’t put it down.  Will definitely be reading it again and passing it on to some friends!

I found A Charlotte Mason Companion at a recent local homeschooler’s curriculum sale and was so ecstatic.  It was on my summer reading list and finding it for $6 was a steal!  I’m even more eager to read it after reading Mere Motherhood and find myself continually drawn to and resonating with Charlotte Mason’s philosophy.

I’m on the last four rows of the Antarktis shawl for my mom.  Actually I technically finished the pattern a few days ago but I continued to add repeats of the garter and lace sections because I have so much yarn leftover!  I’m sure it will grow quite a bit once I block it and be a good size, which I hope is what my mom is looking for.  I can’t believe how quickly this knit up and I’m excited to gift it!  The yarn has been so very lovely to work with and I want to knit with all of Fibre Co.’s yarn!

What are you reading and making this week?

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4 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Your shawl is delicious. I want to wrap it ’round me in the worst way! I love their yarn… I knit one from their Road to China Lace yarn last year and it was AMAZING. The Charlotte Mason Companion is excellent. Much of Karen Andreola’s writings have formed my own thoughts and vision on our schooling journey. And the beauty is to see how this relaxed approach is paying off. When my 4 year old recognizes a cardinal, when my 9 year old (finally, but I haven’t rushed him) takes off reading nearly all he can get his hands on… it’s beautiful. Excellent choice for summer inspiration-for-the-school-year reading! And I love to read your blog, by the way. 🙂

  2. Aw thank you! Yes, I gifted the shawl to my mom yesterday, it is absolutely amazing. So luxurious, soft, light and airy! I want one, too! Thank you for sharing your thoughts/experience with Charlotte Mason’s approach. It’s always helpful to hear from other moms farther down the homeschooling road.

  3. Beautiful knitting! I know several people who have knit that shawl and it always looks so beautiful – maybe I should knit it! I am pretty completely committed to Charlotte Mason everything… I’m pretty nerdy about it! Ha! I read the Companion earlier this year (or maybe last year… I can’t remember) and keep meaning to finish her other one about Nature study (Pocketful of Pinecones) but I didn’t find the tone as easy to read. I should probably get my hands on a copy of Mere Motherhood since I only ever hear incredible praise for it!

  4. Sarah! You have got to read Mere Motherhood. I thought of you often while reading it, actually! I bit the bullet and spent the money on it when it was recently on sale and honestly, it is a big encouragement. I think you’d really enjoy it. And I finished the shawl awhile ago, probably just a couple of days after this last post and it went so quickly, even with me adding multiple repeats onto the pattern! It’s a fun thing to knit in the summer. 🙂

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