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It took Brandon a little while to decide on a hat pattern for the yarn that he picked out, but we finally did and I cast on for it a few days ago.  He is very particular, not wanting anything slouchy or “trendy,” and likes more classic simple hats, but with some kind of a bit of interest.  So I think what we picked will be good.  This yarn is nice to work with so far, I’m still learning how variegated yarns knit up.  I can’t quite foresee it until I start knitting with it.  This one almost looks camo-ish to me as it knits up, so I’m curious to see how the end result will look.  It’s very bright and the blue is dark enough that in the evenings it’s hard to work on it because I can’t see my stitches super well in low light.  I’ve been working on some gift knitting as well, always a few projects on the go.  I’ve had a little idea too, something I’ve been praying about and thinking about, a way to share some of my knitting with you folks, too.  I’ll share more about it soon!

Still reading From Good to Grace (affiliate link), not much time for reading these busy days, and I’m enjoying this one slowly.. hoping I really digest it versus speed read through it and it not sink in.  Are you tired of seeing it’s cover yet? 🙂 🙂  Maybe next week I’ll be onto something new.  Maybe.

What are you knitting or reading lately?  I always love hearing from you and getting ideas for new books and projects!

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2 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. My husband Jesse is the exact same way about hats. He wants them mostly plain but with some small non-hipster touch of interest. I’ve favorited your pattern in case I can convince him he wants one to… haha!
    Didn’t get a YA post up but I’m waiting for one extra skein to coke in the mail so I can finish Lyddies blue sweater and so I picked my “buds and bumbles shawl back up. It’s such pretty bright yarn that I really want to have it ready for fall! Among several other things, I’m Reading “the Danish way of parenting” which, although secular, is a really interesting book to me, mainly because it sort of goes along with things I already think and believe. I guess truth is just truth! I think you’d enjoy it!
    PS- I’m putting a post up tomorrow that contains some of our summer plans- sorry I didn’t see your message asking about it there sooner!

    1. ohh, thanks for commenting and sharing with me Sarah! I miss the weekly check-in on Ginny’s link up and still regularly check your blog and others that I enjoyed! Lyddies sweater is so pretty. I think I’ve seen or heard of that book, The Danish way of Parenting, before and thought it looked interesting. I have a Danish sister-in-love and have enjoyed learning about the Danish culture through her. ❤ I'll have to look it up and see if my library has it! And I'll be looking for your post tomorrow. Blessings, friend!

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