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I set aside my Lila for a week or two because I thought I had knitted an extra 3 inches past the first side shaping.  I was nervous to rip it back and also just frustrated.  So I cast on a hat for Noah with the last skein of the Shelter yarn from his sweater.  (He had asked for a green hat and sweater.)  It was my first time doing cables and it was fun!  I finished that up in a couple of days and then picked back up the Lila and with fresh eyes realized that I had only added about 2.5 inches and I was planning on adding about 2 inches in length anyway.  So I just knitted on.  Why do our brains do this to us?!  I’m so happy to be back knitting it because it is the most relaxing knit.  I’m needing something mindless lately, as life has been so full and overwhelming.  Everyone here (except for Brandon) has been sick with a respiratory virus, and Philippa developed an ear infection to boot.  I am prepping to begin packing up the house for our move.  Etc., etc.

I’m still reading The Broken Way, and probably will be for awhile.  It is so timely.  I’ve been reading Watchman Nee’s old classic The Normal Christian Life as part of my morning study time for the last number of weeks (highly recommend), and it’s amazing how much it reverberates the same message about a cross-shaped life.  The two books seem to be talking back and forth to one another.  Isn’t that just how God works?

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3 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Hope your preparations for moving go well! We moved in October, and I now FINALLY feel like order has (mostly) come.

  2. Love that hat!! Hope all recover well! I hear you on moving. We are building a house and temp living in a different city from our home and trying to sell it long distance!

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