back in the swing of things


It’s quiet enough in the house to hear the faint trickling of water in the gutters, snow melting from our rooftop after days of blanketing the ground.  We don’t normally keep snow for a few consecutive days in these North Carolina mountains, but the temps have been low enough, giving us days of sledding and soggy peeled off boots and layers piled by the door.  I haven’t posted yet about Christmas.  I haven’t posted my new year reflections and hopes.  I haven’t been reading much this week.  I had a migraine that’s lasted for about four days.  It seems to be on its way out today, just barely there.  Phoebe has been on an extremely restricted diet as of Sunday, and my days and mental capacity have been filled with getting back into the swing of homeschooling and feeding her.  I’m spending hours in the kitchen every day just trying to keep up and come up with ways to get her to eat.  It’s going better than I expected, but it’s a lot of work, so not much margin left for other things.  I miss this space and blogging and hope to catch up on those posts soon.  Do any of you still care to even see Christmas pictures? 🙂

I have, however, been knitting because I crave knitting for my sanity!  It is so peaceful, so unwinding.  During the snowstorm I cast on a few new items.  What is it about falling snow that makes one want to cast on and knit everything??  I’m trying to force myself to finish Noah’s sweater and stay focused.  All it needs now is the buttonhole placket which I hope to finish tonight, then sewing on buttons.  I have so so loved knitting with Shelter and have so loved this pattern that it is a little bittersweet to be on the last few rows of it.  I plan to knit him a hat with the one leftover skein, as he requested.  I can’t wait to wrap it up and let him open it.  I really want to knit mitts and slippers for each of the kids, too.  And cowls!  And hats!  Before winter is over!  🙂

Linking up with Ginny’s yarn along today to share what I’m currently knitting + reading.

4 thoughts on “back in the swing of things”

  1. Oh boy do I feel you about missing your blog space. I’m in the same mental place – it takes all my energy to do school, plan school, make food on a budget and keep us all tidy and not insane in our life right now. Blogging and photography are the main things that went out the window for the past several months but I miss it because both of those things are very centering to me – helping me see the beauty and gifts around me when I am more apt to miss them.
    I am glad the diet is going better than expected and I will lift up your stamina. It’s so HARD to cook with different restrictions, whether for weight loss, small budget, or allergies or whatever. Whenever you have to combine a couple restrictions it gets trickier so I can only imagine how hard you are working to keep things going there with the many needs of the new diet. Hang in there. Lovely lovely pictures and beautiful knitting. I’m glad you squeezed time to post, I enjoy seeing glimpses into your life. I think we have similar styles of home decor and everything. It’s fun to “visit” you.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful…it made me miss very much when my children were that age!
    I’m sorry you have migraines, I get them too and when they last multiple days it is just exhausting.

  3. Lovely photos!! I get you on the behind-on-the-blog feeling. It’s still worth it to post Christmas photos, I think – I always look at my blog as a bit of a family album, that I can use in later years to remember this time. And I love that your kids are knitting!

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