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I cast on for the Lila sweater (for myself!) last week and got about 2.5 inches into knitting before I realized there was a twist in the knitting.  Grr.  So I ripped back and now am back to where I was.  I’m loving knitting with Shepherd’s wool!  Still need to do the button placket on Noah’s sweater now that it’s finished blocking.

I have stopped pretty much all previous books I was reading to invest that time in reading up on some things for Phoebe’s health.  I’m revisiting Breaking the Vicious Cycle to refamiliarize myself with the SCD diet.  We have hit a pretty major roadblock as I shared a couple of posts back, and I am busy researching when I have a few moments here and there.

Linking up with Ginny’s weekly yarn along where we share what we’re currently reading and knitting.
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2 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Hooray for a sweater for you! I still have not finished even one sweater for myself and I’ve been knitting since I was 17. Good grief, I must remedy that some day. I read your post last week about your dear Phoebe’s dietary/health issues and it really struck a cord with me and the hurdles we have with Harmon’s dairy intolerance. I totally realize your girl’s health issues are much much bigger than Harmon’s, but it home with me just because we cannot figure out what exactly his issue is…it’s not getting better following pedi’s recommendations and hunches & he doesn’t gain weight. At his 15 month appt we are going to reevaluate. I will pray for Phoebe and your family, Martha. (((Hugs)))

    1. Oh.. hugs to you, friend. I’ve read your blog since your sweet Harmon was born and I admit your issues with him that you have shared there have reminded me of my phoebe in her infancy. Not to scare you! From the beginning Phoebe was small (6 lb 10 oz) and nursed well but projectile vomitted all the time. She had RSV at 3 wks old, then constant ear infections and sicknesses until we put tubes in her ears at 1 year old. She broke her arm at 18 months.. she was always barely on the growth charts, rarely gaining weight. We tested her for a slew of things at 2 years old, found nothing. Did allergy testing, nothing. She was a very picky eater once she hit solids and threw up at least one meal a day from me forcing her to eat b/c she would refuse. My gut always told me something wasn’t right, but it wasn’t until I had my younger two that I really saw a huge difference. They were both 9 lb babies and never had the issues Phoebe had. At 4 years old she was still only 29 lbs and I fought for more testing to be done and that’s when we found the celiac diagnosis. So.. all that to say.. when you feel like something isn’t right, keep investigating. My pediatrician, though I love her, kept telling me all was fine and Phoebe was just small but developmentally was great. I began to pray that if something was wrong, God would bring it to light, and He did. It’s hard to have a difficult diagnosis, but preferable to not knowing what is going on! I feel for you as a momma who battles health issues of any sort with a child.. it is perplexing, exhausting, all-encompassing! You’re doing a great job and keep advocating for him. Trust your momma instinct. ❤

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