These are among some of my favorite pictures from our New York trip.  What special times they were, filled with a lot of significance for this family.  One of the goals for our trip was to see Brandon’s family’s roots, the places where his parents grew up and met, the schools and streets they walked, the trails they frequented.  Many of these places are also the soil for Brandon’s earliest and happiest memories.  For years I have heard stories of all of these places–what a thing to be able to visit them and to watch the next generation running through these familiar fields.

So one day of our trip we spent hiking Watkins Glen State Park right by Seneca Lake, climbing through the moody canyon.  The pictures speak for themselves, don’t they?  It was gorgeous and when we finished a huge downpour threatened to fall, so we made it out in perfect time.

Another day we drove to Breesport, NY and drove through the rolling country roads to the big yellow house where they spent their first years as a family, caretaking for a big abandoned asylum.  This house holds some of their happiest days, the house with the pond and a white duck named Ellen, who came when Brandon’s dad would call and laid eggs for their family to eat.  The swing set they played on and the sloping hill that is perfect for sledding.  From there we went onto Elmira, seeing Brandon’s grandparent’s home, visiting with them there, walking the grassy trail behind their house to the creek they caught crawdads and splashed in.

I count us fortunate to have been able to see and share these places with Brandon’s parents and grandparents while we still can!

3 thoughts on “origins”

  1. I discovered your blog through the crooked path of Ginny’s yarn along some months ago. What drew me to it was a book selection you were reading- I can’t remember which one- maybe For the Childrens’ Sakes. And, or course, that pink sunsuit. I thought- now this girl is my kinda girl! Your blog quickly became one I looked for at the yarn along and I loved coming to ‘visit’ and seeing your lovely pictures and reading your lovely words. Since then, I’ve been a stalker and made it official by putting you in my blog reader. (This comment sounds so weird and pathetic.) ANYWAY. I never commented- always intending too but being pulled away within minutes of my ‘free moment’ by my five kiddos (or a million other things).

    Now I am KICKING myself for making myself known sooner because- well, Watkins Glen! It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from us! I visited my parents in Elmira just on Monday! What a coincidence. I *had* to take a moment to say a real howdy-do since, well, we practically bumped into each other in real life. 😉

    Your children are so precious, your knitting projects incredible, your bookshelves look like mine…and we homeschool. I’ll keep looking forward to my visits here and you can feel free to pop over and ‘visit’ me in my space too.

    Maybe by the next time you find yourselves near my neck of the woods, I can invite your family over for a jump on the trampoline and a dinner on the big ‘ole porch. 😉

    1. Hi Rebecca!! Your comment is one of my favorites ever, thank you for taking the time to say hello! How fun that you were so nearby! And get to experience Watkins Glen on a regular basis. WOW! I thought the town was so cute and what an awesome yarn store you guys have!!! I was sorely tempted to buy something there. I will happily click over to your blog and “get to know you” there! So fun to find kindreds on the web. 🙂 And thanks for reading along! Your words were an encouragement.

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