yarn along


I finally cast on for this big chunky Nantucket throw for our bedroom.  It seemed fitting as a sort of way to commemorate/celebrate our 10th anniversary last week.  I’m really loving it so far!

Wild and Free is a new release, one I am reviewing, and so far is better than I expected it would be.  I’m about half way through it.  At first the words “wild and free” as a description of a God-fearing, Jesus-following woman had me a little curious as to the direction these authors would go, but here’s a quote from the intro which put me more at ease with what the authors mean:

“If God is wild and if God is free, what does that mean for us?  The answer we’ve landed on is that we believe we have the liberty to walk out our own wild freedom in pursuit of His kingdom, and He will help us as we go.  He is the one who calls us to be wild–walking in who God created us to be.  And He is the one who calls us to be free–resting in what Jesus has done for us.”

As one who has struggled greatly in different seasons of my life with confusion over my role as a woman, and as one who has consistently felt both “too much” and “not enough,” often at the same time, I am finding this book to be a great encouragement! More on it when I review it later.  It’s a quick and interesting read so far.

Joining with Ginny at Small Things today.

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