yarn along


I’ve been doing some “secret knitting” for my niece, her first birthday gift, so I have been mainly working on finishing that up.  In the meantime, when I need some random quick knitting I’ve been working on some basic dishcloths just because I need some and it’s mindless and easy.  Also, I shared in my last post some pictures of Philippa in her finished sunsuit, for those of you who were curious how it turned out and how it fit her.  It was my first attempt at knitting a clothing item (besides hats and socks, I guess) and I’m excited to try more!  I’m wanting to make some cardigans for the children, still hunting around for the right pattern.  Any favorites/suggestions?

I am still reading through For the Children’s Sake and am really grateful for it.  I need to read mothering/parenting type books frequently as it helps me continually to be mindful of the gift of this season of life and the responsibility I have to disciple these three little people under my care.  Of course, this one is geared toward home education but I’m still finding it encouraging to me in my parenting as well.  It is helpful in understanding more of Charlotte Mason’s methodology/philosophy, which I am very drawn to.

Joining up with Ginny of Small Things to share what we’re reading + knitting.


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