littlest sunsuit


I finished Philippa’s sunsuit last week and was able to snap a few photos of her in it this morning.  She seemed thrilled to put it on, this thing she’s seen mommy working on, and she danced around and cried, “ditty!” which is how she says “pretty.”  I’m really proud of it, even if I made a few mistakes and learned some things along the way.  Can’t wait to make more knits for my babies!  The pattern for this sunsuit is here and the yarn I used was some leftover skein from Michaels, I believe the lion brand 100% wool but can’t remember the color way.

5 thoughts on “littlest sunsuit”

  1. She is absolutely darling in it! Such a sweet wee knit 🙂 I’m really into small knitted items lately. I may have to try this for a gift. xo

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