yarn along


I am starting the second color on the lori shawl and loving the way it’s looking so far!  It’s such an easy and meditative pattern, and working with the linen is perfect for spring.

I finished Surviving the Island of Grace a few days ago and picked up this novel, The Prophetess, about the life of Deborah.  I love biblical historical fiction and the way it opens our imaginations to familiar stories and gives flesh and blood to the bones.  I’m more than half way through it and really enjoying it.

Joining with Ginny to share what we’re knitting and reading this week.

2 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Very nice shawl so far. I just love blues. That sounds like another interesting book. I added Surviving the Island of Grace to my list and hope to get it at the library soon!

    1. Thanks Donna! I hope you enjoy Surviving the Island of Grace! I love all things homesteady/Alaska and reading it felt like an escape to the cold waters of Kodiak Island. My shawl is supposed to be “grey” but it does look blue-ish, I hadn’t noticed until you said so. I love the color, either way!

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