the last wedding

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Last weekend we stayed all together (minus one sister-in-law and nephew) in this big rustic barn in Lexington, Virginia.  As you may be able to tell from the many, many pictures, there was a whole lot of joy over the weekend.  We gathered for my youngest brother’s wedding, the last one of us to be married.  The cousins had a blast being together, Phoebe and Jericho playing “bride” all week long in preparation for the event, Noah and Asher playing “trucks,” the babies toddling about trying to be a part of everything.  It was busy and at times chaotic, but full in the best sort of way.  The bride and groom had made the whole weekend special with small, meaningful and relaxed gatherings (a family/friends hang-out thursday evening, bridal luncheon friday afternoon, etc.) that gave us time together and time to mingle.  The wedding was one of the most beautiful and meaningful I’ve been to, and I was able to have a small part reading a beautiful prayer over this couple, as well as watching my little girl scatter flowers like a pro for the bride.

I think one of the greatest mysteries of attending weddings is the peculiar way that it confirms and solidifies our own love for one another again.  Along with the bride and groom, we  cherish the vows again, we remember, we look back with a whole lot of road behind us now.  We see a little more clearly, but somehow still dimly, because the glory of this institution requires a lifetime to unveil.  We want to sing a hundred songs over this new couple, to tell them to drink deeply of this beautiful cup, in worship to the Lord.  We want to hem them in with a hundred warnings, all the hard-won lessons we have learned along the way.  They will have their own battles, they will only learn by going their own road.

On the drive up to Virginia, this song played piercingly loud over my heart as I thought of these two heading into marriage.  The only safety we have in marriage, the supreme gladness I have over these two is that in the safety of the sovereign care of God, we can trust that they will not be shaken.  It’s the best news going into marriage: the battle is going to rage, the armies are going to rise up against them on all sides, but we have the surety of a God who is for us, who is fighting on our behalf, who is fighting for our marriage, a God who is stronger than all that will come against us.  We have a God who is redeeming all things, setting all broken things right, a God who is always making new.  We cannot trust in frail man, we cannot even trust ourselves, but we trust in our God.  I pray that over these two that I love so dearly, I pray this over my own unknown future: Go with God, dear ones.  Through His unfailing love, we will not be shaken.

For we trust in our God
And through His unfailing love
We will not be shaken,
We will not be shaken,
We will not be shaken

Though the battle rages
We will stand in the fight
Though the armies rise up against us on all sides
We will not be shaken
We will not be shaken
We will not be shaken

For in the hour of our darkest day
We will not tremble, we won’t be afraid
Hope is rising like the light of dawn
Our God is for us He has overcome

All those against Him will fall
For our God is stronger
He can do all things
No higher name we can call
For Jesus is greater
We can do all things

(We Will Not be Shaken, Bethel Music)

Click here to listen to the song:

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