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I’ve been looking for the right yarn to make this shawl/kerchief pattern, and finally settled on this skein from Madelintosh.  I’m aching to cast on but need to wind it into a ball first and also, I have been hardly able to knit for the past week (!!!!) because of crazy pain/tendonitis in my right arm/wrist/elbow/hand.  I don’t know what’s going on, I may have injured it working out but now just everyday activities have been aggravating it and it is so stiff when trying to knit.  I have backed off a bit from knitting but I am possibly going to have to take a total break and rest it completely.  Anyone else ever had anything like this??  I am terrified I have developed something and maybe will always have pain knitting.  Brandon was laughing at me the other night that I was so upset about having to stop knitting for a bit.  He really doesn’t understand how addicting and soothing and relaxing this hobby is. 😉  I literally have had dreams at night about casting on with this yarn.  (I’m a little crazy, I know)

Anyway, I’m trying to finish up some baby socks as a gift for a loved one (so I can’t show them here) and then I want to work on this shawl.  I also just purchased my first interchangeable needle set and am eager to try it out!

I’m still reading The Life-giving Home by Sarah + Sally Clarkson and loving it, as well as a couple others, but this is one the kids and I have been reading the past couple of days. (For more children’s picture books that I recommend, look here).  How appropriate, given that we are expecting some snow tonight!  We always hope for a blizzard even though those are rare for our North Carolina mountains.  We heard on the radio earlier today that there was a tornado watch in effect for our area, and as soon as we got home Phoebe was screaming with glee and searching the house for her binoculars.  She told me the radio said to be watching for tornados and she obediently set up post by the window.  We did have some ferocious rain and wind this morning but it is gloriously sunny outside right now.  Hard to imagine snow coming this evening.

DSC_0021 (1)

Hope I’ll be knitting more again soon.

Joining in with my favorite blogger, Ginny, and her weekly yarn along today.

2 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Hope your right hand and arm gets to feeling better soon. The first time I experienced crazy hand, wrist and arm pain I had a little one and even carrying him was a painful experience. I’m sure mine was carpal tunnel related and in the end, rest was what healed it. It’s not a normal occurrence for me since, but sometimes overuse on the computer, crochet, or other repetitive activities cause me strain in that area. Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. While I’m a believer in following one’s instincts, I also don’t hesitate to encourage someone to see a doctor if something doesn’t heal up in a reasonable amount of time.

    Great picture of your daughter. I have a picture like this (of one of my sons) that’s nearly identical. :^) Stay safe in this stormy weather!

    1. Thank you, Becki! Yes I think resting it has helped a lot. Carrying my little ones definitely exacerbates it as does all the activities of being a mom with little ones. AH!! 🙂 I’m stretching more and trying to rest it more and be more intentional in how I’m using my wrists in particular. So hopefully it will resolve without a trip to the doctor!

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