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Currently I have a few books on the stack: Roots and Sky, The Life-giving Home, and just starting this one by Tim Keller on the Psalms called The Songs of Jesus.  I’ve been craving the psalms lately.  My soul has been in a bit of a fog and it seems I am finding my way back to my own heart through the psalms.  Sometimes you need to borrow the honest prayers of another, these inspired by the Holy Spirit, when you don’t know what to pray yourself.  I am so grateful for all the range of emotion expressed in the psalms, the permission they give us to be real before our God and pour out our heart to Him.  This is a year’s worth of devotions in the psalms, so I will be in it all year, I suppose.

I finished up my epic sock production and am making a chunky knit hat for one of my cousins, while trying to decide what to work on next.  I’m planning on starting a shawl maybe, and also I’m wanting to work on a baby sweater possibly.  In the meantime, my fingers are itching to knit so I’m just working away on dishcloths when I need some mindless knitting in the evenings.

Joining in with Ginny + so many other lovely knitters and readers in her weekly yarn along!

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