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Are you tired of seeing socks yet?  I’m probably not a very exciting knitter.  I am on my LAST SOCK after knitting a pair for each family member and I was hoping to have this done by his birthday (today!) but, alas.. only on the gusset.  I secretly knit him a big chunky hat, though, this week, to make up for it, and I hope that is a fun surprise for him.  But I forgot to get a picture of it before I wrapped it.  He requested cherry pie for his birthday dessert, so this is my first attempt at a gluten-free pie.  (I never attempt pies, it seems; I think I am horrible at them.  I pieced together a few different recipes to make this one, so we’ll *see* how it turns out.)


I am wanting to make my first shawl.  It is a knitter’s rite of passage, right??  So.. comment with your recommendations!  It seems there are a billion options to choose from and I have only been knitting since October so my skills are pretty limited.  I need to try something beyond hats and socks and scarves.

I’ve been reading Roots + Sky the past few days (it just released yesterday!) and I can hardly put it down.  Christie Purifoy’s voice feels like home to me, familiar somehow to my own thinking, and the imagery and color she uses in her prose is so vivid and evocative!  She makes me want to write more and be a better writer.  I love how she has captured her first year living in her home, Maplehurst, in all four seasons, journeying through change and reflecting on our connection to the soil and to the sky, a people both of the earth and yet also a people of a far-off Kingdom.  I highly recommend it!

Joining in with Ginny + all the lovely knitters and readers at her weekly yarn along.

4 thoughts on “yarn along”

  1. Cherry pie sounds amazing! I love all the shawl patterns around, it does seem to be the thing to knit right now! I’m not sure I’d wear one though, so I’m making myself a scarf instead 🙂

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