yarn along


I’ve been working on Brandon’s socks now, almost done with the foot of sock one.  Since they weren’t done by Christmas, maybe I’ll have them done by his birthday in a couple of weeks? 😉  Since he never reads my blog, I can safely tell you I will probably knit him a chunky warm hat, too.  He hasn’t asked me to make him anything yet, but he asks every time I start something new “and who is that for?”  I think he’s quietly waiting for his turn.   I finished up the hat I was knitting last week (made up the pattern).  Here is Phoebe modeling it, and then myself (picture snapped by Phoebe)!  It’s a gift for a loved one.


I’m reading a few books right now, but this one came in the mail yesterday and I just started it.  I am only one chapter in so I can’t tell you what I think just yet.  I find I rarely read fiction these days and I’m in need of some good stories to get lost in.  I’m hoping this is one of them!  It’s about a girl from an Amish family in 1842 who has two marriage proposals, one offering her the home + life she craves near her family + faith, the other offering her an adventure West.  I’m hoping she goes with option #2 for some reason.  I’m drawn to everything prairie-life, alaska-related + homestead-y right now.  Do tell if you know of other books in that genre!

Anyway.. I can hardly focus because this is what I’m seeing outside of my window from my desk.  FINALLY!


Joining up with Ginny + all the other lovely knitters and readers at her blog today!  Hop over there for great reading + knitting suggestions.



4 thoughts on “yarn along”

    1. yes the hat was so warm and cozy to knit + to wear! i am going to make another one for myself. 🙂 and i’m really getting into the book! i think it will be a good one.

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