we have a five year old


Her birthday is only a couple of days before Christmas.  It’s historically very difficult to plan a party around that time, being that everyone is out of town usually or busy, and Phoebe is a girl who loves a party!  When I asked her this year what she wanted to do, she said she wanted to play with her best friend, Melody.  The morning of her birthday was a work day for Brandon, so as soon as the birthday girl was up, she opened her cards and gifts (it’s hard for a 5-year-old to wait all day) so that Daddy could be there.  We gave her a sleeping bag and a new flannel nightgown, which is basically her favorite thing to sleep in ever.  She will wear dresses night and day, given the opportunity.  I also gave her the scarf she had asked me to knit for her in the yarn she had picked out, which she loved way more than I thought she would.  I had also made her a hat, since she’s been asking me for awhile.  Her cousins gave her a dress-up dress with a matching mini one for her doll, which she LOVES.  Her friend Melody came over mid-morning and gifted her a wooden bead necklace set, which they loved working on together.  Such a sweet and thoughtful gift!  After naps, we prepped for some family to come over for dinner.  She loved her cake and strawberries (which are her favorite) and opened gifts from Rainey + Grandpa (a play mobile dollhouse + some Hanna Anderson silver clog boots)!  Earlier in the month, one of her aunties gifted her and I tickets to the Nutcracker ballet, which basically made it a perfect birthday for this girl who loves to dance.

It’s hard to believe this little one is already five years old.  Her birth was one of the best days of my life and becoming a mother to her opened up a world of joy to me.  She’s had a hard year in some ways, lots of change and doctor appointments.  But she’s also matured so much this year and I am savoring the little bond that is growing between us.  The other night I was taking a bath and she came in and sat with me, feet in the tub, and just talked about life and whatever was on her heart.  She’s becoming such a little woman.

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